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No time or motivation for detailed research, browsing and reading? We have created a small overview in which we briefly introduce paper cutters in different categories. You will find further useful information on our guide pages. If you want to compare other paper cutters, please visit our comparison page.

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dahle 507 Zoomyo Dahle 561 Dahle 502 Fiskars lagute
Papierschneider**Dahle 507Zoomyo OC500Dahle 561Dahle 502Fiskars Personal SureCut LAGUTE AZ-101
Bei AmazonDetails*Details*Details*Details*Details*Details*
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bewertung-87 Bewertung 9 Papierschneidemaschine Bewertung-92 bewertung-83 Papierschneidemaschine Bewertung 8.5 Papierschneidemaschine Bewertung-75
Schnittlänge320 mm320 mm360 mm320 mm300 mm320 mm
Schnitthöhe0,8 mm-3,5 mm0,8 mm0-
Blätter (70g/qm)810358510
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Are you looking for a suitable paper cutter for your office or for your hobby? Or are you looking for a food and bread slicer, a knife sharpener for the household, a shredder or laminator? We are glad that you have found our site! You are right here! On our site you will find recommendations, comparisons and tests to help you choose the right cutting machine.

On our test page you will find the results for all cutters.

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What is a paper cutter?

Man cuts paper with a cutting machine
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A paper cutter is, as the name suggests, a cutting machine to cut paper. This machine simplifies and facilitates the cutting of paper. Single sheets or stacks can be cut. The more often paper is cut, the more sensible it is to purchase a semi-automatic or fully automatic cutting machine.

In addition to straight cuts, a paper cutter can also be used to make cuts with different patterns. A paper cutter is normally not only suitable for paper. Photos, foils, cardboard and laminated materials can also be cut with a paper cutter.

There are different types of paper cutting machines for different applications. Below you will find detailed information about them.

Overview of the most important types of paper cutters

Paper cutters differ in terms of their technique and field of application. Therefore we will briefly introduce the different types of paper cutters to you.


The Rotary Paper Cutter or Trimmer

Roll cutters cut the paper by rolling a circular knife over the paper. With rotary trimmers single sheets or photos can be cut very well. In addition, many roll cutters have interchangeable blades with which patterns (e.g. zig-zag or deckle cut) can also be cut. Therefore, rotary cutters are used for handicrafts and detailed editing of photos.

Präzise Schnitte auch mit großen Schnittlängen
Ideal zum Basteln
Selbstschärfende Klingen

Vergleichsweise kleine Schnitthöhen

More information about rotary cutters can be found in the linked article.

Trimmer with mandrel blade

The Paper Trimmer

With paper trimmers, a normal blade, also known as a spike, is moved over the paper instead of a round blade. The construction and the range of application are very similar to those of rotary paper cutters. Paper trimmers are often cheaper than rotary cutters. However, the spike tends to be replaced more frequently.

Präzise Schnitte
Ideal zum Basteln

Vergleichsweise kleine Schnitthöhen
Schneidemesser stumpft vergleichsweise schnell ab


The Guillotine Paper Cutter

A guillotine paper cutter slices the paper by pushing a long blade through the paper. This corresponds to the principle of a guillotine. Guillotine paper cutters are especially recommended when long cuts are necessary. In addition, thicker materials can be cut with guillotine paper cutters, which are typically found in the office or teachers' room.

große Schnitthöhen
Ideal für Büroarbeiten

Vergleichsweise kleine Schnitthöhen
Nicht für Feinheiten und Musterschnitt geeignet

Further information about guillotine cutting machines can be found in the linked article.

Welcome to the cutting machine portal 1

The Professional Workshop Guillotine

Professional workshop guillotines are designed for the graphic arts sector. In principle, it is a lever cutter with a particularly long blade. With a professional workshop guillotine very long and large formats can be cut. Ideal for very large photo formats and posters.


  • Precise cuts even with long cutting lengths
  • very large cutting length

Vergleichsweise kleine Schnitthöhen im Vergleich zu anderen Hebelschneidern
Kein Gerät für Bastler

Further information about studio cutters can be found in the linked article

Welcome to the cutting machine portal 2

The Rolling Cutter

The principle of rolling cutters corresponds to that of rotary cutters. However, rolling cutters are not pulled over the paper along a rail, but are held in the hand by a handle and pulled over the paper like a wallpaper knife. Ideal for handicrafts or for cutting fabric.


  • Multifunctional handicrafts
  • Intuitive handling

geringe Schnitthöhe
gerade Schnitte nur mit einem Lineal

Further information about rolling cutters can be found in the linked article

Welcome to the cutting machine portal 3

The Heavy Duty Guillotine

Heavy duty guillotines are designed to cut particularly thick stacks of paper. This type of paper cutter is designed for professional use. Stacks of 100 or 400 sheets are no problem, depending on the stack cutter. With a normal rotary or guillotine cutter these stacks cannot be cut at once.


  • Very large cutting capacity
  • Precise cutting

zum Basteln weniger geeignet
Maschinen mit großen Schnittlängen sind teuer

Further information about stack cutting machines can be found in the linked article

Which paper cutting machine is the best? What should you look for when buying?

There are many different paper cutting machines, good and not so good ones. However, it is difficult to say which one is “the best”. This depends entirely on what you want to do with the paper cutting machine. First of all you should think about what you need the machine for. The right paper cutting machine should not only be of good quality, but also suitable for the purpose.

So that you know what to look out for when buying, we explain the most important features and equipment characteristics of paper cutting machines and paper cutters in the following.

You should pay attention to the following when purchasing a paper cutter or paper cutting machine:

On the purpose

Guillotine cutters vs. rotatory cutters

Would you like to cut handicrafts or photos with the paper cutter? Then a rotary cutter is probably the better choice. Do you want to make long straight cuts and cut whole stacks of paper? Then you should choose a guillotine cutter. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of guillotine and rotary trimmers in a detailed article.
Rotatory and guillotine cutting machines are similar, but the design is quite different.

high stacks on guillotine cutter
Whoever wants to cut high stacks should use a guillotine cutter

Rotary cutters - handicrafts, photo cutting and patterns

Rotary cutters have a circular blade which is pulled over the paper. Guillotine cutters have a long blade that cuts the paper similar to a hatchet. This difference leads to the fact that with a rotary cutter single sheets or photos can be cut very precisely.

Außerdem können auch verschiedenen Mustern zugeschnitten werden. Somit sind Rollenschneidemaschinen eher zum Basteln oder zum Zuschneiden von einzelnen Blättern tendenziell besser geeignet. Mehr Infos finden Sie auf unserer Infoseite zu Rollenschneidemaschinen.

Recommended rotatory cutters

Popular machines for handicrafts or photo cutting in DIN A4 format are the Dahle 507, the Zoomyo or the Fiskars Surecut. For cutting lengths up to DIN A3 we recommend the Dahle 508 and the Dahle 552.

Guillotine cutters - long cuts, high paper stacks

In contrast, guillotine cutters are ideal for long and straight cuts. Due to their design, thicker stacks can also be cut in only one step. Therefore guillotine cutters are more suitable for those who want to cut stacks of paper to a certain size. Decorative cuts are not possible with lever cutters. You can find more information on our information page about guillotine cutters.

Recommended guillotine cutters

Popular low-cost lever guillotines are Dahle 502, Zoomyo and Genie GH40. In the medium price range, our bestsellers include the Ideal 1133 and Dahle 533, while the Dahle 561 is very popular with professionals.

On the cutting capacity of the paper cutter

The cutting capacity is an important criteria when choosing your paper cutter. It determines the maximum height of the material that can be cut at once. The maximum cutting height of a paper cutter can be very different.

The cutting capacity indication

Manufacturers specify the maximum cutting capacity in two ways. Either the maximum number of sheets or the maximum cutting height in millimetres is given. If the maximum number of paper sheets is specified, you should pay attention to the paper thickness for which this specification is made. In our product comparisons we have taken 70g/sqm and 80g/sqm into account. We have also investigated the influence of the cutting height on the purchase price.

On which the cutting length - the maximum format

The maximum format is determined by the cutting length. A paper cutter A3 has a larger cutting length than a paper cutter A4. A paper cutting machine A0 is much larger (and more expensive) than smaller models.

Papierschneidemaschine A3: Die Dahle 508 im Vergleich zur Dahle 506
Papierschneidemaschine A3: Die Dahle 508 im Vergleich zur Dahle 506

The cutting length of a rotary cutter depends on the length of the cutting rail. On a guillotine cutter, on the other hand, it depends on the length of the blade. The longer it is, the larger the maximum possible DIN format and the cutting length of the paper cutter.

Die Schnittlänge einer Hebelschneidemaschine
Die Schnittlänge einer Hebelschneidemaschine

On a sharp and durable blade

No matter how well a cutting machine is processed, a sharp or hard blade is crucial for the quality of the cut. No matter whether it is the round knife of a rotary cutter or the blade of a guillotine cutter just a sharp or well processed blade ensures a permanently clean and precise cut.


But even the best knife wears out over time. To ensure that the quality of the trim is still good, on many models the knife can be replaced by a replacement blade or re-sharpened. On some rotary cutters the circular knife even sharpens itself.

You can find more information about rotary and guillotine cutters in our guide.

Quality is essential

Pay special attention to the quality of the blade and its holder. Especially with very cheap products.

On the equipment

The safety

Everyone knows you have to be careful with scissors. This also applies to paper cutters. Therefore, sufficient protection should not be ignored.

Rotary cutters should have a cutting head that encapsulates the sharp round knife. The knife of a lever cutter, however, is not sharp. The knife is robust and hard. There is more of a risk of crushing. That is why well-equipped machines are provided with devices to prevent fingers from accidentally getting trapped under the blade.

Finger protection

The table size

The size of the cutting table is an important aspect when choosing a paper cutting machine. The size of the cutting table determines the size of the material to be cut (photos, cardboard, paper or even foils). Larger cutting machines can often be used to cut harder and thicker materials.

The larger the table, the larger the work surface and thus the paper size. Normally, the size of the paper cutter’s table is indicated in the product descriptions using the table length and table width. The actual usable area is usually somewhat smaller. Scaled bars and the attachment of the blade also take some space, thus reducing the working area.

Therefore the space for working is often smaller than the table size. Therefore, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s format specifications. Only then can you cut your desired paper size without problems.

Table width, table length and usable area of a paper cutter
Table width, table length and usable area of a paper cutter

The maximum format (DIN A4, A3, A2...) is normally specified for the long side of the paper. If the narrower side is to be cut, this is also possible for the next larger format. We try to take this into account in our product comparisons.

Sufficient table size

If you do not only want to cut right angles, then you should make sure that the table is large enough to turn the sheets accordingly.

Scale bars

Scale bars make it easier to work with the paper cutting machine. Those limit the table surface each on top and bottom.

With good cutting machines, these scale bars are designed in such a way that they match the cutting length perfectly. In addition, right angles can be cut precisely with the help of these scale bar.

comparison scale bar paper cutter
The scale bars of a paper cutter

Length and format indications

Rulers and scales

A sharp blade is not sufficient for a successful cut. The cut must also be made in the right place. That is why paper cutters offer various tools to assist in precise work.

The more professional a paper cutting machine is, the greater the choice of length specifications. Consequently, the price of professional machines is often higher than that of simple starter models.

A ruler or measuring scale can be positioned on either side of the paper cutter table. In Germany, centimeters and millimeters are usually given. Sometimes paper cutters also have inch or inch specifications. The length specifications are practical for cutting the corresponding lengths and DIN sizes without much effort.

ruler grids and scales
Support grid

In addition to length indications, aid grids are also very helpful. If smaller formats are to be cut, those are very useful. The distance between the lines on paper cutters with an aid grid is usually one centimetre.

DIN format specifications

In addition to grid aids, DIN format indications such as DIN A4, DIN A3 or DIN A2, are extremely useful. If an appropriate format needs to be trimmed, these format indications help to ensure that this can be done easily and quickly.

The most important DIN paper formats and their corresponding lengths and widths in millimeters.

DIN page length page width
A0 841mm 1189mm
A1 594mm 841mm
A2 420mm 594mm
A3 297mm 420mm
A4 210mm 297mm
A5 148mm 210mm
din Format Specifications
Angle indications / angle grid

In addition to length and format specifications, printed angles are very helpful if you want to cut different angles.

With the help of these angle grids the paper can be cut cleanly and precisely at the desired angle. Therefore, anyone who regularly wants to cut different angles should make sure that the paper cutter has such angle indications.

angular grid and specifications
The adjustable backstop

The backstop of a paper trimmer can be moved along the machine. Once it is positioned at the desired point, the paper can be placed quickly and easily.

adjustable backstop
The clamping

To prevent the paper from slipping during the trimming, it must be fixed properly. Either the paper has to be pressed manually or the paper cutter has an automatic clamping device. With such a clamping rail, the paper is sufficiently held in place by an automatic mechanism.

The weight and material of a paper cutting machine

The weight of a paper cutting machine should not be forgotten. Even with a basic machine, you should make sure that the ideal weight and also the right material are used. The more stable the cutter is and the more stable it stands, the easier it is to work precisely and cleanly. On the other hand, heavier devices are not as handy as light and compact cutters. Before buying, you should consider whether the machine will get a permanent workplace or whether it will need to be stowed away again each time after trimming.

Summary of the characteristics of paper cutters

The different models can be evaluated and compared with regard to the following characteristics:

In our comparison of paper cutting machines we have evaluated and compared many different models regarding these properties.

Where can I buy a paper cutter?

Nowadays there are two ways to buy a cutting machine. Either in a specialist shop or online.

Large household or electronics retailers and specialist shops for photography and craft supplies sell paper cutting machines. The choice of paper cutting machines is based on the orientation of the specialist shop. Shops for handicraft supplies offer equipment for handicrafts. Specialist photography shops sell paper cutting machines specially designed for cutting photos. Large retailers usually have a wider selection.

Online retailers offer a similar selection of paper cutting machines. The assortment of an online retailer tends to be larger than that of a normal retailer. This means that you have to wait longer for delivery.

More information about buying from a specialist dealer or online.

What does a paper cutter cost?

The price of a cutter depends on various factors. In addition to quality, the cutting length and height as well as the equipment are important aspects. Simple paper cutting machines are available for around ten dollars. Professional machines can even cost a thousand dollars. Those who want to do handicrafts at home will not have to spend more than 50 dollars. A reasonable device for the office can cost up to 150 dollars.

Paper cutting machines and their cutting capacity - a comparison

As already mentioned, the cutting height is an important criterion for the choice of a suitable paper cutting machine is the cutting height. This determines, among other factors, how many sheets can be cut in one operation. Lever and roll cutters often differ considerably in this respect.

The roll slitters we select have cutting heights between 0.2 and 2 millimetres (Dahle 552). In contrast, the cutting heights of the lever slitters range between 0.5 and 4 millimetres. If you intend to cut very few sheets at once, it is worth taking a closer look at both types of paper cutting machines. However, if you intend to cut more than two millimetres, then lever cutters have a clear advantage.

Price per cutting capacity and number of sheets

We were interested in how a larger cutting capacity affects the price of the cutting machine. In our exemplary comparison the price* for rotary trimmers with a cutting height of 1mm is in the range of 15 and 25 Euro. Guillotine cutters with this cutting capacity are available between 20 and 30 Euro*.

Since the different manufacturers do not always use the same units in their specifications, we have applied the following rule for our research:

Die Anzahl der Blätter entspricht dem zehnfachen Wert der Schnitthöhe. D.h. dass zum Beispiel eine Schnitthöhe von 0,5 Millimetern die Blattanzahl 5 ergibt. Wenn der Hersteller lediglich die Blattanzahl angegeben hat, dann haben wir die Schnitthöhe entsprechend zurückgerechnet. Somit ergeben 20 Blätter eine Schnitthöhe von zwei Millimetern. Dabei haben wir nicht unterschieden, ob es sich um verschiedenen Blattstärken handelt.

The ratio between the maximum number of sheets and the respective price* is shown in the following figure.

Comparison of sheet number Price roller cutting machine

Up to a number of twelve sheets, rotary cutters are relatively inexpensive. For 20 sheets you have to dig deeper into your wallet. The average price is around 25 euros. For a cutting capacity of two millimetres (20 sheets), however, the price is around 100 euros.

Comparison sheet number price lever cutting machine

The exemplary selected machines for lever cutting tend to be somewhat cheaper up to about twelve sheets.

Manufacturer of paper cutting machines

Novus Dahle GmbH & Co. KG (Dahle)

Novus Dahle GmbH & Co.KG belongs to the German emco Group, which is active in various fields. The Novus Dahle GmbH & Co. KG manufactures paper cutting machines, document shredders and flipcharts and also offers fastening technology. The paper cutters are known under the brand name Dahle. The product range includes rotary cutters, guillotine cutting machines and professional stack cutting machines. These are offered in different price ranges for a wide variety of applications. Very popular are the Dahle 507 Rotary and Cutting Machine and the Dahle 561 Guillotine Cutting Machine.


Fiskars is a Finnish manufacturer that offers a wide range of products. Fiskars is especially known for garden tools. The product range also includes paper cutting machines and paper cutters.

Fellowes, Inc.

Fellowes is an American family-run company that has been in existence since 1917. The product portfolio includes office machines such as paper cutting machines, laminating machines and document shredders. Fellowes operates worldwide.


Ideal is a German manufacturer of paper cutters from Balingen. Besides rotary cutters, guillotine and stack cutters are also produced and offered. Besides cutting machines, Ideal’s products include automatic staplers, document shredders and air cleaners.

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