These are the best cutting machines for the 10 most important types of materials!

Which cutting machine for which material?

The answer to this question can be found in this overview. Whether wood, paper, metal or …. with the right cutting machine you will make the perfect cut!

What is the best way of cutting wood?


For more information, take a look at the category ‘Cutter for professionals‘ to find what you are looking for. The best option for cutting wood is a saw (jigsaw, if necessary). Once you want to cut thick wood in significant numbers, a powerful circular sawis the best option. This can be used to efficiently convert to specific angles (miter cuts). Very thin wood in the craft sector can also be managed by powerful cutting plotters. For outdoor use, electric gardening tools such as chainsaws or hedge trimmers can also be considered.

How can I cut metal?


To answer this question, it is best to take a look at the category ‘Cutters for craftsmen‘. You can use a manual saw for thin pipes. Of course, the saw blade must be suitable for metal. For thicker or larger pieces of metal, it is recommended to use a powerful circular saw. Since heat may be generated, care must be taken to ensure functional cooling. Professional cutters for craftsmen are usually equipped with that.

How can I cut my own hair? With what to style your own hair?


Due to the Corona pandemic, hair trimmers had made a big comeback. They enable, even without expert knowledge, to cut hair precisely with comb attachments in a certain length. Some models are multi-talented, as they are also suitable for shaving or trimming beards. Longer hair can be cut with special scissors, which are usually included with hair clippers. The best way is to take a look at the category ‘Cutters for personal care’. By the way, there are special machines for pet hair or fur, which are presented in a separate category. Due to the nature of the fur and for hygienic reasons, you should buy a special pet hair clipper for dogs and cats.

How can I cut styrofoam?


With a cutter knife, you will only achieve limited good results when cutting Styrofoam, as the edges become unclean quickly. A hot wire cutter can therefore be an option worth considering if you frequently have to deal with the material Styrofoam. You can find more cutting machines for various materials in renovation work in the category ‘Cutting machines for craftsmen‘.

What is the best way to cut hedges, branches, shrubs and trees?

Multifunctional and very safe solutions can be found in the category ‘Cutting machines for garden/outdoor use‘. With a hedge trimmer, you can usually trim even small shrubs and thin branches with ease. If larger tree trunks are to be cut, a chainsaw can be used.

How to cut tiles or other floor coverings?


Take a look at the category ‘Cutting machines for craftsmen/renovation projects‘: For tiles you should resort to a special cutting machine so that the edges are cut very cleanly and there is no breakage of the whole tile. There are also special cutting machines for laminate. If you want to lay wooden floorboards or cover ceilings and walls with wood, a circular saw is a functional all-rounder.

Which slicers are ideal for food?

Allesschneider, Brotschneidemaschine, Brotschneider

With a universal cutter, the name says it all! You can use such a machine in the kitchen to cut not only bread, but also meat, vegetables, and sometimes cheese. If you bake bread yourself and want to make slices of it in a certain thickness, a bread slicer is a functional addition to the kitchen. The preparation of fresh food can be significantly accelerated with such a slicer. For vegetables or fresh food, there are other slicers such as vegetable slicers, onion slicers or potato slicers. Get an impression of the functional variety of practical kitchen helpers in the category ‘Cutting machines for the kitchen’.

What is the best way to cut vinyl?

These are the best cutting machines for the 10 most important types of materials! 1

Depending on the area of use, you can cut vinyl, for example, with a suitable laminate cutter or a sharp knife. In the craft or hobby sector, cutting plotters suitable for this material are ideal. They rely on a comprehensive range of functions with which, depending on the model, other materials such as cardboard, leather, fabric, thin sheets, foam rubber, fleece or various foils can be used. Cutting plotters are multifunctional all-rounders!

Which device can I use to cut paper?

The classic is the scissors. However, large numbers of cuts in particular can hardly be made precisely by hand. Special scissors are available for children to safely learn the process, which is quite complex in terms of motor skills. Take a look at the category ‘Cutters for the office/hobby‘ to familiarize yourself with a functional selection. In the hobby field, a cutting plotter is an option for making paper into creative shapes. With a special paper cutting machine, you can cut a wide variety of formats yourself in no time at all. Document shredders or paper shredders are a perfect solution when it comes to the security-oriented destruction of confidential documents.

Our paper cutters in a field test. The test result was amazing!

The slitter rewinder test starting at minute 2:35
(Fiskars Surecut, Dahle 508 3rd generation model 2020, Hama ProCut, Jieslisi Disk Cutter & Fiskars Neutrino).
The lever cutter test from minute 11:20
(Olympia G331, Dahle 502, Dahle 561, Dahle 533)
The results and test conclusion
from minute 20:13

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