Under test: The “new” Dahle 507 roll & cut slicer 3rd generation / model 2020



With its ‘blue all-rounders’, the Dahle brand has stood for precise cutting with a high level of convenience for years. Exemplary are the clear improvements of the 3rd generation of the Dahle 507 cutting machine for the high product development competence of this well-known manufacturer. In this respect, you can expect to experience a blue miracle of the positive kind with the 2020 model of the Dahle 507 slicer.

Papierschneidemaschine Test

Wir testen die Dahle 507, damit Sie nicht Ihr 'blaues Wunder' erleben!

Wir haben uns die 3. Generation dieser handlichen Rollschneidemaschine im Test ganz genau angeschaut. Im Video zum Test können Sie sich einen lebendigen Überblick verschaffen, der durch die kompakten Darstellungen zu allen wichtigen Themen sehr aussagekräftig wird. In Summe zeigt unser Test, dass sehr viele kleine funktionale Verbesserungen zu einem ansprechenden Bedienkomfort beitragen.

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For those in a hurry: All important product data & test results for the Dahle 507 rotary trimmer.

The structure of the Dahle 507

The main components of the paper cutting machine:


The angle system for 90° cuts,
respectively at the lower and upper end.

The locking of the cutting bar.
If this is open, then
the rail can be pulled out.

Cutting table with different formats (up to DIN A4 lengthwise)
and angle specifications (15, 30, 45, 60 or 75 degrees).

Cutting head and cutting rail

Transparent pressure ruler

The most important technical data in summary:

  • Cutting length: 320 mm (corresponds to max. DIN A4)
  • Cutting height: 0.8 mm (= maximum cutting performance in one pass of 8 sheets (thickness 80 g/m²))
  • Weight of the machine: 1.0 kg.

Who is this paper cutting machine for?

Considering the affordable price, the Dahle 507 cutter is perfect for beginners or the office, if the paper to be processed is no larger than A4 and this is to be cut into other common formats. Due to the appealing ergonomics, you do not have to sacrifice comfort despite the favorable price.

What we like about the Dahle 507 in our test:

Compared to competing products, the price is convincing. This is especially true for the 3rd generation, which presents itself as much more valuable and robust thanks to its use of more metal. The two-finger operability facilitates cutting enormously over a longer period of time.In contrast to the predecessor model, the angular system now presents itself very precisely.

Another positive aspect is that more format templates are available for even more flexible use.

What we do not like so much:

No notable weak points were found in the test. The best way to see for yourself is to watch the video, read our comments, or test the Dahle 507 cutting machine for yourself.

Interesting alternatives:

If you want to cut larger paper sizes up to A3, theDahle 508cutter may come into consideration. Otherwise, you can discover more manufacturers and models for different applications here in the category ‘paper cutting machines‘.

Advantages of the Dahle 507 rotary cutter according to our test


In the test for the Dahle 507 cutting machine, no significant drawbacks came to our attention, especially in direct comparison with competing models from Fiskars.

Off to the shopping cart!

The Dahle 507 is justifiably one of the most popular roller cutting machines. Flexible and reliable.

25,99 EUR*

Update: Our test for the Dahle 507 slicer (2020 model) reveals these improvements.

All in all, there are many small, well thought-out details that lead to significant improvements compared to the predecessor. You can get a clear picture of this in our video of the product test. There you will see how effortlessly and precisely thinner paper can be cut. Overall, it seems that Dahle has specifically responded to the few criticisms that customers voiced about the predecessor model. The following aspects in particular stood out positively in our test:

  • With the 3rd generation of the Dahle 507 rotary trimmer (check price here!*), the angle unit does not need to be readjusted. You can get started right away and cut with the precision you want.
  • The design convinces with higher value and stability since more metal is used instead of plastic.
  • More format specifications are now available, so that the 3rd generation enables even more flexible or demand-oriented use.
  • Even thicker stacks of paper (up to 8 sheets maximum according to the manufacturer) can be cut without any problems, so that speedy work is possible.
  • The ergonomics of the cutting head have been noticeably optimized, making it easy to operate with just two fingers.
  • The pin, which is to be pulled out for quick knife change, was fixed to the device. It can now no longer be lost, which was still the case for some users in the predecessor model.

Dahle 507 cutting machine (2020 model): Equipment & design

As you would expect from Dahle, the design is clear and very robust. The build quality is good, and all functions can be used precisely and comfortably. These are the best prerequisites for regular use in the office, if paper up to DIN A4 size has to be cut regularly. The Dahle 507 rotary trimmer is equipped with:

  • Angle systems and numerous format displays
  • Scale bars (mm scale) for a precise 90 ° cut
  • Pressure rail and ruler
  • Knife head with round knife
  • Rail locking
  • Cutting or trimming rail

Functions: This is how the latest generation of the Dahle 507 cuts

The maximum cutting length is 320 mm (= DIN A4). The sturdy and non-slip metal table is 449 mm long, so it can be placed on any (writing) table without problems. Our test can only confirm the manufacturer’s claim that up to 8 sheets of paper weighing 80 g/m² can be cut without problems. Loading and fixing paper is quick, so you can cut even large quantities of paper precisely in a short time. With the numerous format specifications, you can cut paper precisely without having to have all the necessary sizes in your head, let alone having to configure everything in detail: A few hand movements are enough to use the entire spectrum. This is also possible in the millimeter range thanks to the exact scale.

With these format specifications, you can use the Dahle 507 rotary trimmer:

  • Ruler and measuring scales (in millimeters)
  • Angle specifications or grids for 15, 30, 45, 60 or 75 degrees
  • Various DIN formats as well as templates for business cards and common photo formats
The cutting table with the format templates.
Business cards can also be cut without any problems.

Dahle 507 cutting machine (model 2020): handling and precision

Our test impressively shows that cutting with this device is very easy and, above all, precise. In particular, the improved ergonomics of the cutting head make it noticeably easy to use such a powerful cutter even as a beginner.

How easy is cutting with the Dahle 507 (model 2020)?

The paper can be easily placed under the pressure bar, allowing you to start cutting quickly. You don’t have to use much force to glide through the paper due to the sharp cutting head. You should adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications for the maximum cutting height (= 8 sheets), as this will ensure smooth operation in the truest sense of the word. Due to the compact dimensions, you can flexibly store this device to save space.

The practical format lines mean you always have everything in view

You don’t have to be an expert in DIN or photo formats: The Dahle 507 shows you which formats are usable at a glance. You can cut paper as well as photos and transparencies exactly to a required format without measuring. This also applies to the design of individual business cards.

Alternatives to the Dahle 507:

Does the Dahle 507 rotary cutter allow a firm grip?

Yes, this extremely important quality criterion is met with flying colors by this cutting machine in our test. The feet are equipped with non-slip rubber, so the whole machine will not slip when you move the cutting head. Anyway, you won’t need to apply significant pressure to cut multiple sheets at once.

Is it possible to modify or change the cutter head on this cutting machine?

Yes! To do this, you only need to loosen the lock (pin). You can already change the head and use components from the ‘Creativity Set’, for example. This can be used, for example, to implement zigzag lines and thus also cut creative patterns.

The sealed locking pin
The opened locking pin of the Dahle 507 can no longer be lost.
To pull out the cutting rail, this has to be opened.
On the other side, the cutting head can now be pulled off.

How safe is working with this cutter?

Cutting is as easy as can be, since the sharp knife is completely shielded in the cutting head. In this respect, cutting is safe even for older children accompanied by an adult. You can cut paper with two fingers without worry. Thanks to the noticeably improved ergonomics, cutting almost goes by itself, even without any prior knowledge. By the way, the safety has been independently tested, which you can see from the GS mark.

Precision: How well does the Dahle 507 perform?

In our test, the rotary cutter could convince with high precision in all aspects. All format specifications are consistent and can be implemented precisely thanks to the accurate guidance of the cutting head. You can achieve accurate results right away with this functional cutter.

Stands securely and does not slip!

Precise cuts require a firm footing: The rubberized feet ensure this in a convincing manner. By the way: The firm hold also applies to the pressed-on cuttings.

You don't just want to cut in a straight line, but also creatively?

No problem! Replace the sharpened circular blade with the optionally available 'Creativity Set'. Now you can add precise serrations to paper, for example.

Conclusion: A clear enrichment for the desk and/or hobby purposes

The quality-conscious motto ‘German Engineering by Dahle’ is implemented by the manufacturer in a convincing manner with this device, as impressively demonstrated in our product test under real conditions. Looking at the low price, you get a lot of performance and quality for little money. Given the fact that the 2020 model shows significant improvements, we can give the Dahle 507 rotary trimmer a clear buying recommendation.

The Dahle 507 can do more than just cut straight: How creative do you want to be?

This functional entry-level device is completely sufficient for occasional use in the office and home office. Also note the possible expansion of the range of functions with the available ‘Creativity Set’. This means that the Dahle 507 can also be a creative addition for hobbyists. Check current prices* here and use reviews to get an even more accurate picture.

Dahle 507 Schneidemaschine Modell 2020 (8 Blatt Schneidleistung, bis DIN A4) blau*
  • Die neue Generation Rollenschneider für schnelles und präzises Schneiden von Papier, Fotos und Folie mit verbesserter Ergonomie ("Zwei-Finger-Bedienung") und Präzisions-Winkelanlagen
  • Der Papierschneider schafft 8 Blatt Papier (80 g/m²) gleichzeitig, die mit einer Pressschiene inkl. Markierungshilfen fixiert werden. Größte Schnittlänge: 320 mm (DIN A4); Schnitthöhe: 0, 8 mm
  • Papierschneidemaschine mit stabilem Metalltisch (449 x 209 mm) und rutschfesten Gummifüßen. Optimierte Tischbedruckung für den Beschnitt von Standardformaten (metrische und imperiale Bemaßung)
  • Der kindersichere und geschlossene Messerkopf kann einfach, schnell und intuitiv gewechselt werden
  • Für dieses Schneidgerät ist das Creativ-Set Dahle 980 mit drei Schneideköpfen für Perforation, Falzen- und Büttenschnitt erhältlich
  • Handhabung - %
  • Formatvielfalt/Ausstattung - %
  • Präzision - %
  • Hobby - %
  • Büro - %
  • Preisleistung - %

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