Dahle 508 slicer (model 2020) in review: This is the machine at work


The 2020 model of the Dahle 508 rotary trimmer is the 3rd generation of this bestseller, which scored points in our test with many small but very functional improvements. The best way to convince yourself of this is to take a look at the video of the Dahle 508 slicer test. This way you can see for yourself what this device can do. In principle, this is a functional entry-level device for precisely cutting paper as well as photos and foil. The optimized ergonomics of the cutting head in particular ensure impressive added value for this latest generation of the Dahle 508 cutting machine. The integrated precision angle systems allow for demand-oriented use with many possibilities.

Paper cutting machine test

We tested the Dahle 508 so that you don't have to experience a nasty surprise!

We took a close look at the 3rd generation of this handy rotary cutter in our test. In the video to the test you can get a lively overview, which becomes very meaningful through the compact presentations on all important topics. Overall, our test shows that a lot of small functional improvements contribute to an appealing ease of use.

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Overview for those in a hurry: The most important data & test results for the Dahle 508 slicer in summary

The design of the Dahle 561

The main components of the paper cutting machine:

Dahle 508 slicer (model 2020) in review: This is the machine at work 1

The angle system for 90° cuts,
respectively at the lower and upper end.

Cutting table with different formats:
Ruler and measuring scales

  • DIN A specifications (up to DIN A3 lengthwise) as well as photo formats and a template for business cards
  • Angle grid and angle specifications (between 15 and 75 degrees)

Robust and precise cutting rail incl. Cutting head and round knife

Automatic pressing

All technical data at a glance:

  • Cutting length: 460 mm (equivalent to DIN A3)
  • Cutting height: 0.6 mm (= maximum cutting performance in one pass of 6 sheets (80 g/m²))
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

Who is the paper cutter recommended for?

This machine is ideal for price AND quality conscious beginners who are looking for a powerful cutting machine in the office or for hobby purposes. With this device you are flexible, because you can trim formats up to DIN A3.

Interesting alternatives:

For more demanding requirements, discover other cutting machines from the traditional manufacturer Dahle, such as the model 552. For very small format applications, the Fiscars Surecut might be considered.

What we liked in our test:

The price-performance ratio sets a new standard. During the test, the most positive thing that stands out is that the latest generation of the Dahle 508 (model 2020) comes with more metal and less plastic. This makes the device seem higher-quality and more robust. Especially the non-slip table as a working base leaves a very good impression.

What we don’t like:

This entry-level cutter does not have a back gauge. A slightly displaced angle system can be readjusted by the user, so this is not a fundamental problem.

Advantages of the Dahle 508 rotary cutter:


  • No backgauge built in
  • Angular plant is not rectangular
  • In some cases, the displaced angle system must be readjusted by the user

Off to the shopping cart!

The Dahle 508 is justifiably a very popular roller cutting machine for DIN A3.

37,98 EUR*

Update: According to the test, the 2020 model has improved in this respect.

Form your own opinion about the 3rd generation Dahle 508 cutting machine (2020). In our video you can see how this device performs in the test in the truest sense of the word. It seems that the manufacturer has responded to customers’ suggestions and integrated numerous improvements. You can find out which ones in detail in the video. In general, we noticed the following aspects positively during the test, compared to the predecessor:

  • The narrower cutting head fits the hand better
  • High quality design due to the processing of more metal
  • More flexible scope of use due to more format specifications
  • A small detail with a big functional impact: the pin required for replacing the cutting head is now firmly attached to the unit so that it can no longer get lost.
Dahle 508 slicer (model 2020) in review: This is the machine at work 2
The new and old Dahle 508 cutting machine in comparison

Equipment and design of the cutting machine Dahle 508 (model series 2020)

As with the predecessor models, the design looks robust and clear. The use is intuitive, even without prior knowledge. The numerous format lines and angle settings allow for a very flexible and highly demand-oriented use of this rolling and cutting machine. The Dahle 508 is equipped with:

  • Cutter head with integrated circular blade
  • Contact rail
  • Rail locking
  • Cutting rail or bar
  • Specifications for formats and angles (see below)
The format specifications of the Dahle 508.
The circular blade of the Dahle 508 is self-grinding.

Functionality: How to cut with the Dahle 508 (model 2020)

The maximum cutting length is 460 mm, which corresponds to the DIN A3 format. The metal table has a length of 589 mm, so that a comfortable working area can be used for large formats. Centimeter specifications and various DIN A formats can be traced with a single glance at the cutter. So you can load paper very quickly and guide the cutting head precisely to get the size you want. The clearly arranged ruler allows you to work very precisely even in the millimeter range.

For individual use, the following aids are available for cutting:

  • Ruler and measuring scales
  • DIN A specifications and photo formats as well as a template for business cards
  • Angle grid and angle specifications (between 15 and 75 degrees)

In the test, the Dahle 508 was consistently convincing when it came to cutting paper. You can easily cut up to 6 sheets of 80 gsm thickness precisely and in one operation. Cutting is effortless and without slipping, to which the rubberized feet contribute noticeably.

Dahle 508 cutter (model 2020): handling, precision & variety of shapes

The printed size lines make it easy to accurately cut paper or photos to a desired size. You can implement specifications in a specific way and rely on the printed help. You can also use various angles if you need to cut paper into a certain shape.

Does the Dahle 508 rolling and cutting machines provide a secure hold?

A positive feature in the test of the cutter is that the paper does not slip thanks to automatic pressing. This is an essential basis for precise results and a high level of operating comfort. Despite the considerable dimensions, this cutter can be used quite flexibly. It can easily find a place on a table. When not in use, it can be stored to save space.

Is a lot of force required for cutting?

No, the cutting head glides smoothly over the rail even with 6 sheets. You can see this in vivid detail in our test video. There you can also see that inserting paper is effortless. It is recommended to move the cutting head all the way up or all the way down for smooth operations.

How easy is it to modify the cutter?

If you want to change the cutting head, you only have to loosen the lock. The change can therefore be made quickly and in just a few steps. In this context, note the novelty of the 2020 generation: thanks to a connecting mechanism, the pin required for locking can no longer be lost. In contrast to the previous model, this is an important improvement that ensures the constant readiness of this cutter.

How safe is working with this cutter?

Since it is a rotary cutter, a high level of safety is inherently available and eases use. So, in this respect, beginners need not have any fear of contact with the Dahle 508 cutting machine of the latest generation. The sharp round blade is surrounded by a closed plastic head, which provides optimal safety and on the other hand comfortable ergonomics. And our test also shows a significant improvement in this point compared to the predecessor. You can comfortably use the Dahle 508 slicer with two fingers. Cutting is easy, even if you use the device in the office or for hobby purposes for a long time. The GS test mark also shows you that you are choosing certified safety.

The circular blade is secure in the cutting head.
The locking device for the removal of the cutting head.

How precisely does the 3rd generation Dahle 508 (2020) cut?

This slicer also scores consistently in this area in our test. The format specifications are consistent and they allow very precise guidance of the cutting head.

Can I readjust the angle system of my cutter?

No, this has now been ruled out. This was still possible with the old model, but now the angle units are fixed in place.

Corrective cuts: How does the cutter work in very narrow areas?

In our test, it was barely possible to cut very narrow paper strips of 5 mm. This size still allows the paper to be neatly positioned under the pressure rail. A positive point to highlight and a clear additional gain in precision is the fact that correction cuts were possible with the Dahle 508 cutter in our test, even with a thickness of only 1 mm. This impressively shows that you get a lot of precision for little money even with such a low-priced entry-level device. You can use this cutter specifically to optimize the quality of cut papers or photos.

Sturdy metal table with non-slip rubber feet: a perfect base!

Nothing slips or wobbles as you cut paper with precision in a few easy steps. The added comfort and safety is noticeable with the cutter!

Cutter head change made easy!

Changing the cutter head is even easier. The guide rod lock is now captively connected to the unit.

Conclusion: Clear purchasing recommendation for the Dahle 508 rotary trimmer

Our test, which you can follow in the video, shows significant improvements of the 2020 model compared to its predecessor. Many small details represent clear functional improvements during use. In view of this, this device convinces with an appealing price-performance ratio. Especially the optimized quality due to increased use of metal makes a visible and noticeable difference to the predecessor model. In this respect, there can be a clear buying recommendation for this rotary trimmer from Dahle for beginners, hobby work or the home office. The compact dimensions allow flexible use and stowage when not required.

With available accessories, you can not only cut precisely, but also design creatively. For the hobby area, the optionally available ‘Creativ Set’ offers further possibilities for use. With this extension, perforating, folding and flower cutting can also be creatively implemented with handy precision. This expansion option for an even wider range of uses is another reason to buy this functional slicer from Dahle.

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