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Olympia G3310 review

In review: The Olympia G 3310 Lever Cutting Machine

We have tested the popular Olympia G 3310 lever cutter. In our test you will learn everything about the technical details and for whom this paper cutter is particularly suitable. We also list both the strengths and weaknesses of the device and offer some tricks to get around the supposed


Paper cutting machines between 20 and 50 euros

The selection of paper cutters with a price between 20 and 50 euros is quite large. There is hardly any price range where you can choose from such a large assortment. Having alot of possible choices doesn’t mean it’s easy to make one. Our guide, our own tests and the


Paper cutting machines over 50 euros

Now it’s getting professional. Paper cutters with a price over 50 euros belong to the professional equipment. Here, the price can also exceed 100 euros. This makes good advice all the more important. In order to choose the right cutter, there are several things to consider. Our own tests,


10 swift rotary cutter best sellers

Rotary cutters  are useful tools for crafting and sewing.  View our rotary cutter comparison The market offers many different models from numerous manufacturers. A quick and easy way to find the right rotary cutter is to look at the best sellers. Rotary cutter bestsellers  on Amazon One best-seller list that is


Paper cutters up to 20 euros

The selection is not particularly large, but you can still find paper cutters for less than 20 euros. When buying, make sure that the paper cutter is suitable for your intended use.

Dahle 508 roller cutting machine test

In test: The “old” Dahle 508 roller cutting machine

The Dahle 508 is our roller cutting machine of choice in this post. We have tested this popular paper cutter from the manufacturer Dahle. In our opinion, this slicer is particularly well suited for beginners and hobbyists. Professionals should be more careful with the Dahle 508. Find out why in

Best Sellers - Paper Cutters

Paper Cutter Bestsellers

Paper cutters and paper cutting machines are practical. The choice of different models and suppliers is very large. A quick and easy way to find the right paper cutter is to look at the best sellers. In this article we would like to present you the paper cutter bestsellers of

Lever cutting machines / lever cutters based on the guillotine principle of the drop axe guillotine

The Lever Cutter – the Lever Cutter

Lever cutter – The most important facts at a glance In this article we would like to introduce you to the technology and characteristics of the lever cutter* – the lever cutting machine. In our article Basic knowledge on paper cutting machines we have described the features and technical functions


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