Detailed Comparison: Guillotine Trimmers

Our comparison of popular lever cutting machines in detail. For those who are not interested in the details, we have created a summarized comparison table.

HebelschneiderDahle 533IDEAL 1133Dahle 502Dahle 561Rexel ClassicCut CL100
Detailed Comparison: Guillotine Trimmers 1Detailed Comparison: Guillotine Trimmers 2Detailed Comparison: Guillotine Trimmers 3Detailed Comparison: Guillotine Trimmers 4
Detailed Comparison: Guillotine Trimmers 5
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Technische Daten
Schnittlänge [mm]340340320360o
max. Papierformat (Hochkant)DIN A4DIN A4DIN A4DIN A4DIN A4
Schnitthöhe [mm]1,
maximal Anzahl Blätter (70g/qm) je Schneidearbeitsgang151583510
maximal Anzahl Blätter (80g/qm) je Schneidearbeitsgangooooo
Selbstschärfende Klinge--oo+
Handhabung / Präzision
Anpressschiene -
inkl. linial / transparent
Rückanschlag / Verstellbar-/-+/+-/-+-
Automatische Pressung-+-+o
Manuelle Pressung+o+-o
Schnittarten (Zick-Zack/
Meßskala - Linial
(oben, unten, rechts,
Meßskala - Raster ----+
Meßskala - Winkel +-+++
Meßskala - DIN A +++++
Tischgröße [mm]443 x 285250x340 420 x 175440 x 265o
MaterialMetall/ KunststoffMetall/ KunststoffMetall/KunstoffMetallKunststoff
Gewicht [kg]3,92,51,56,1o
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The most important qualities

Table size

The product descriptions of paper cutting machines specify the table width and table length. However, these do not automatically represent the maximum paper size. This is indicated by the format specifications. The difference occurs due to the cutting device and various auxiliaries also taking up space, thus limiting the maximum format.

Cutting length

The cutting length in the comparison of paper cutting machines indicates what length can be cut with one pass. The longer they are, the larger the maximum size and cutting length of the paper cutting machine.

Angular systems

In order to optimize handling and precision, one or two angular systems are often used. With good cutting machines, these stops are naturally selected to optimally match the cutting length. With the help of these angular systems, right angles can be cut precisely.

Cutting height

Another important feature of paper cutting machines is the cutting height, that is, the maximum thickness of the paper that can be cut.

Number of sheets

Themaximum number of sheets that can be cut in a single cutting operation is usually specified. With this specification, you should pay attention to the thickness of the paper for which the number of sheets applies. Within our product comparison we have considered the thicknesses 70g/sqm or 80g/sqm.

Adjustable backgauge

An adjustable back gauge efficiently assists in accurate cutting and ensures that identical sizes can be cut after each cutting operation.

Cutting types

Within the product comparison of roller cutting machines, different types of cutting are also specified. In addition to a straight cut, decorative wave, deckle or zig-zag cut, among others, can be cut.


+: present

-: not present

o: no information

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