Folding leg – The practical accessory, not just for professionals

In our buying guide, we explain the differences between the various materials, explain how to use a folding leg and what alternatives are available.

The folding leg – the most important facts at a glance

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  • The folding leg is a tool for processing paper. It looks similar to a letter knife or knife, but is equipped with rounded edges.
  • The folding leg is used tofold paper. If the fold is creased, the creased edge will be cleaner than if the paper is creased without a fold.
  • The classic folding leg is made from a bone. Nowadays, folding legs are made of plastic or teflon.
  • You can buy a folding leg at a craft supply store or online (e.g. Amazon*).
  • Besides folding legs, paper cutting machines with a folding blade and folding machines for professionals are also available.

The folding leg – our buying guide

The folding leg is used for folding. In contrast to normal folding, a groove is first made in the paper during the folding process. This allows thicker paper and cardboard in particular to be folded very cleanly and precisely.

Folding leg application
Clean corners with folding leg and ruler**.

Thicker paper and cardboard tend to break at the folding edge. Much cleaner edges are obtained when using a folding leg. This is because the squeezing of the paper relaxes it at the folded point, which is why it no longer tends to break.

You can imagine this particularly well with a cardboard box. The groove “breaks” the inner structure of the cardboard, thins the material at the edge and makes folding easier. If a carton were folded without a groove, it would most likely break at that point.

Best Sellers Folding Legs

Current offers for folding legs:


Folding leg application
Clean corners with folding leg and ruler**.

A folding leg is used by first passing the rounded tip over a piece of paper to be folded at the folding point. To obtain a straight running groove, the use of a ruler is advantageous. Once the paper is folded, the folding leg can be used to smooth the edge.

Pay attention to the direction of the paper

The thicker the paper or cardboard, the more care should be taken to ensure that the paper is folded in the direction of the paper, if possible. This is the direction in which the paper runs during production. The paper is also easier to cut, tear or bend along these lines.

To determine the running direction of a paper, it is advisable to bend it in both lengthwise and crosswise directions. The direction in which it can be bent easily is also the direction in which it runs. It is easier to determine the direction of travel by tearing it apart. Along the direction of travel, the crack is straight. Crosswise to the running direction rather frayed and irregular. Unfortunately, this destructive test is not always possible.

Structure and shape

The classic folding leg is made of bovine bone or whalebone. More modern or vegan variants are made of plastic, bamboo or wood, or even metal such as teflon.
Folding legs are between twelve and twenty centimeters long and have a rounded tip at the bottom. This is used to press or pull the groove into the paper.


Folia folding leg

A very popular folding leg is the folding leg from Folia. This is made of real bone and therefore quite stable. It has a round tip and is 150mm long.

folia 23004 - Falzbein aus Knochen, ca. 150 x 20 mm, mit abgerundeter Spitze - ideal als Falz-,...*
  • Falzbein aus Knochen
  • Größe: ca. 150 x 20 mm
  • Mit abgerundeter Spitze
  • Ideal als Falz-, Rill- und Knickhilfe für Papiere und Kartons

Folding leg from Baier & Schneider

The folding leg from Baier & Schneider is somewhat more pointed. It is a whole 160mm long and also made of bone.

Folding leg set from Papermania

This set includes a normal folding leg, as well as a smaller handy version.

Papermania Papier Papier bonefolder Falzbein Set, beige*
  • Ideal für Rub-ons, zum Glätten und Vorbearbeiten.
  • Für leichtes Falzen von Papier.
  • Entworfen im Vereinigten Königreich.
  • 2 Kunststoff-Instrumente zum Falzen von Rändern mit professionellem Finish.
  • Die Länge des Instruments ist 21 cm.

Set from XCut

A very comprehensive set is offered by XCut. Four different folding legs are included in this set.

Xcut Falzbein - Set 4 TLG.*
  • Das ergonomische Design macht die Anwendung von Druck auf die Materialien einfach und komfortabel mit einer einfachen Kontrolle
  • Kann mit Papier, Karton, Stoff, d眉nnem Kunststoff und vielen Stoffen verwendet werden
  • Aus leichtem und robustem Kunststoff
  • Ideal f眉r Karten, Papier-Boxen, Origami, Kurzwaren und eine Vielzahl von Bastelarbeiten
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Alternatives to the folding leg

Paper cutting machines with folding blade/ folding leg

Paper cutters with a folding blade or attachment are a very elegant and reliable way to fold. The grooves can be drawn at almost any interval. Since paper cutters are often equipped with various measuring scales, there is no need to use a ruler.

Dahle 505 roll and cut slicer

The Dahle 505 roll and cut slicer is an all-rounder when it comes to crafting and decorating. In addition to the straight cut, this winder can also be used to make wave, deckle and perforation cuts. In addition, the Dahle cutter also has a folding function that replaces a folding leg. You can find more info in our detailed product presentation.

Dahle 505 Papierschneider (Bis DIN A4, 8 Blatt Schneidleistung) blau
72 Bewertungen*
Dahle 505 Papierschneider (Bis DIN A4, 8 Blatt Schneidleistung) blau*
  • Das 5 in 1 Schneidegerät für Hobby und Einstieg schneidet Papier oder ähnliche Materialien wie Etiketten, Fotos, Filmmaterial präzise und sauber
  • Für mehr Kreativität sorgen vier einklickbare Deko-Kassetten für Wellen-, Büttenschnitt, Perforation und Falzen. Können auf der Gerätunterseite aufbewahrt werden
  • Dank der automatischen Pressung wird Schnittgut auf dem superflachen Metalltisch (477 x 213 mm) zuverlässig fixiert. Gummifüße verhindern das Wegrutschen der Papierschneidemaschine
  • Die Roll-Schneidemaschine hat zur idealen Orientierung und Genauigkeit nützliche Formatlinien und zwei Winkelanlagen mit mm-Skala auf dem Tisch
  • Aufgesteckte Messerkopfabdeckung und geschlossene Messerkassetten gewährleisten ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit

Zoomyo 9 in 1 winder

A small but nice slitter is the Zoomyo 9 in 1 slitter rewinder. It has a whole nine different blades to offer. One of them is a folding attachment. A cutting table is unfortunately not included with this paper cutter. In return, this paper cutter convinces with maximum flexibility.

Zoomyo Multifunktionaler A4 Papierschneider OC250 von zoomyo, Mit 9 verschiedenen Schneideklingen +...*
  • Eine für alles: 9 Klingen in einem Gerät - Kann in Perforation und Muster getragen werden
  • simplement pratique : Type de coupe par molette de réglage changer sans changer de la lame
  • durchdacht: einziehbare BHs nehmen sehr wenig Platz ein - Schneider-Papier lässt sich leicht falten.
  • Effizient: Sie können bis zu 5 Blatt gleichzeitig schneiden
  • Sicherheit: Dank seiner intelligenten Technologie ist Schneider EXCELLENT Papier für die manuelle Arbeit mit Kindern

Westcott 13779 Titanium Cutting Ruler

Only two blades, but the Westcott cutting ruler features a cutting table. Though not very big, it should be enough for cutting your cards. In addition to the normal cutting blade, this paper cutter also has a folding attachment.

Westcott 13779 Titanium Schneidelineal, 30 cm, grau/silber*
  • Schneidelineal A4 Titanium
  • verfügt über eine haftabweisende Titannitrid Beschichtung auf Schneide- und Falz-Klinge
  • eine Klinge eignet sich besonders für gerade Schnitte und eine zum Falzen von Papier
  • ausklappbar und somit auch für DIN A3 Format geeignet
  • Raster mit Formatgrößen

Genie MC 800 A4 paper cutter

The Genie MC 800 paper cutter also has eight different blades that any hobbyist or crafter will be happy to see. A folding attachment / folding leg is also included among the blades. This can be used to fold paper up to DIN A4.

Genie MC 800 A4 Papier Schneidegerät (8 verschiedenen Klingen) weiß*
  • GENIE MC 800
  • Für den kreativen Basteleinsatz, 8 verschiedene Klingen
  • Format bis DIN A4
  • gerader Schnitt, Perforation, Falz, und 5 verschiedene Wellen- / Zickzackmuster
  • Arbeitsbreite: 330mm

Folding boards / Score boards

On a folding board*, indentations, i.e. practically templates, are already stamped for the grooves. The paper is placed on the folding board and the folding leg is pulled through the groove.

Embossing pen & ruler

An embossing pen* is nothing more than a metal pen with a small ball at the tip. With this, a fold can also be drawn. However, lovers of folded legs prefer them due to the more “natural” handling.

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