Guide to paper cutting machines: How to choose the right model

It is not that easy to cut paper accurately. Without aids such as a ruler and drawn lines as orientation, straight cuts can hardly be realized. And if you need to process larger quantities of paper, you will quickly reach your limits with scissors. This is true not only in regard to the accuracy of the cut. And do you know anything about formats? Whether for professional purposes in the office or for hobby crafting in your spare time, a paper cutting machine is a clear functional addition to your desk for cutting paper neatly and quickly into desired shapes. What types of paper cutting machines are available for purchase as well as the criteria for making your right choice can be found in this guide in a clear and concise form.

Why buy a paper cutting machine?

Scissors are not an alternative in many cases when it comes to precise paper processing. Or can you use it to trim a specific DIN format, implement angular cuts cleanly or cut several sheets at once? No, for this you need a special paper cutter, which has a very sharp knife. With a paper cutter you save a lot of time and you significantly increase the quality or precision of the cut.

Depending on which paper cutter you choose, you can cut other materials besides paper, such as paperboard/cardboard, leather, or thin sheet metal. They thus enjoy a high degree of functionality at work and for creative leisure activities. Many models have convenient format lines so you can reach your goal in just a few steps and simple settings. Low acquisition costs and handy sizes speak for equipping one’s own desk or workplace with this useful helper.

These questions will help you find the right paper cutting machine

To buy a suitable paper cutting machine, you should have clarity about the subsequent field of application. Basically, if you want to have functional ‘reserves’ for other applications up your sleeve, you should always opt for a more powerful paper cutter.

  1. In what thickness do you want to be able to cut paper/other materials?
  2. Does the paper cutter also need to be able to handle multiple sheets/stacks?
  3. In which formats/up to which max. size do you need to cut paper?
  4. Do you only need straight cuts or are decorative shapes also welcome in crafting?
  5. How many style sheets (DIN sizes and angle settings) do you need?
  6. For which application do you need the paper cutting machine (office or for hobby & leisure)? So what kind of paper cutting machine should it be?
  7. How often do you plan to use the paper cutting machine? Accordingly, what should be the quality of the knives?

What are the different types of paper cutting machines?

Basically, these types are differentiated:

  • Trimming Paper Cutter
  • Lever cutting machine
  • Roller cutting machine

A trim paper cutter is a light and handy alternative representing the simplest form of cutting machine. Such devices are very light, but this can be at the expense of stability. For thin paper and occasional use, such a device can be considered, but not for frequent use.

A roller cutting machine for paper and, if necessary, other materials gives you more flexibility. Here, a circular knife is drawn over the paper so that not only straight cuts are possible. If you need the paper cutter more for crafting, then a rotary cutter definitely opens up more flexibility in terms of shapes and cuts.

A lever cutting machine is ideal if you want to precisely cut large quantities of paper in a short time. All you need to do is set a lever in motion and you can precisely cut even thicker stacks of paper, depending on the model. A paper cutter with a lever is the model of choice if you only want to make straight cuts in the office and are explicitly not looking for a crafting aid. Depending on the model, you can use such a paper cutter to make long cuts that can go well beyond DIN A4.

Purchase and selection criteria: This is what you should look for in a paper cutting machine

Cutting length and maximum format

It is in the nature of things that a paper cutting machine for DIN A3 can make longer cuts than a model up to DIN A4. If you want to process very large sheets of paper, you must choose a model that can cut up to DIN A0. Pay attention to this, as the limitations of use are given in such a way that they are very exact or measurable.

Cutting height, paper thickness and compatibility with other materials

The maximum cutting height shows you how thick the paper/material can be or how many sheets of paper you can cut at the same time. Larger machines are usually capable of cutting stacks of multiple sheets efficiently and accurately. Also pay attention to the materials for which the integrated knives are designed. Many models are suitable for more than just paper and cardboard, which significantly increases the flexibility of use.

Quality is evident first and foremost in the blades

In order for such a device to perform well in the truest sense of the word, high-quality and durable blades are essential. This is the only way you can expect to be able to use the paper cutting machine with consistently high cutting performance over a long period of time. Pay attention to this important quality criteria when deciding on a purchase. Brand knives from Solingen, for example, are a sign of long-lasting quality. A sharp knife is the prerequisite for clean cut edges. High-quality stainless steel and a functional grind of the knife provide a resilient high-quality basis for the vast majority of models.

Paper cutting equipment: safety and comfort are required!

Since the knife is very sharp, you should not (be able to) come into contact with it under any circumstances! When choosing, pay attention to what safety the paper cutting machine offers you in this regard. The cutting head of a rotary cutter should be effectively shielded. With a lever cutter, there should be guards to eliminate the possibility of painful squeezing. You should attach great importance to an ergonomic design. Even in the case of prolonged use, especially the operation of a lever paper cutter should not be perceived as unpleasant.

In terms of safety, the weight of the device and any anti-slip legs play an important role. Make sure that the selected paper cutting machine allows a firm stand on the desk for safe and ultimately precise work. Even though a low weight is desirable for transport and positioning on the table, a higher weight can have a noticeably positive effect on the robustness as well as stability. By design and due to the robust materials, paper cutting equipment simply brings a certain basic weight of a few kilos.

Flexible scope of use: assistance for precise cutting

Pay attention to how many measuring scales or adjustable angular systems the selected paper cutting machine has. These facilities significantly increase the scope of use and convenience of application. They are the guarantee that different formats or even angles can be precisely implemented with a flick of the wrist. It goes without saying that angular systems and the usable cutting length should harmonize perfectly.

Are you still looking for scissors or do you already cut like a pro?

Here you have learned what aspects you should consider whenbuying a paper cutting machine. With this knowledge and your personal requirements profile in mind, you can find a suitable model here right away. Use our clear product presentations to make a functional choice. You are in a special hurry? Then you will find all decision-relevant criteria at the beginning of each product showcase.

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