Dahle 502 lever cutting machine in our test
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In testing: The Dahle 502 lever cutting machine

Are you interested in the Dahle 502 lever cutting machine? We have tested the popular entry-level device in detail. In this review, you’ll learn what we like and don’t like about this lever cutter. We also summarize the technical details and evaluate the price/performance ratio.

Our paper cutter test has shown us that the Dahle 502 lever cutter is a good paper cutter for beginners. An optimal companion when you want to cut smaller stacks straight.

Our test: A video provides the best impression!

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Dahle 502 Papierschneider (Bis DIN A4, 8 Blatt Schneidleistung) blau*
  • Kompakte Hebelschneidemaschine für Hobby und Beruf mit besonders hoher Schneidleistung für Papier, Etiketten, Fotos und Filmmaterial
  • Papierschneidemaschine mit Tischgröße: 420 x 175 mm. Größte Schnittlänge: 320 mm, Maximale Schnitthöhe: 0,8 mm, d.h. bis zu 8 Blatt Papier (80g/m²)
  • Stabiler Metalltisch mit nützlichem Raster und Formatlinien auf dem Schneidebrett für passgenaue Zuschnitte
  • Schneidemaschine mit ergonomisch geformtem Handgriff für einfaches und präzises Schneiden
  • Bei sachgemäßer Benutzung entstehen saubere und glatte Kanten am Papier, ohne auszufransen

Manufacturer information

[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#04B404″ font_size=”16″] Our test could not detect any deviations from the manufacturer’s specifications.

The table size of the Dahle 502 lever cutting machine is 42 x 17.5 centimeters. Due to a maximum cutting length of 320 mm, cuts in DIN A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) lengthwise are possible. Lower and upper knives are made of sturdy steel. Thus, up to 8 sheets (70g/sqm) can be cut at once. This was possible without any problems in our test.

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Der Papierstapel sollte während des Schneidens mit der freien Hand fixiert werden, damit das Papier nicht verrutscht.[/su_note]

With a weight of 1.5 kilograms, the Dahle device is very light for a lever cutting machine. Nevertheless, it stands on the table with stability.
There are recessed grips on each of the two sides to help carry the Dahle 502 Lever Trimmer.


How easy and good is the Dahle 502 paper cutter to work with?

This compact lever cutter is smooth and easy to use. The paper is positioned under the pressure rail without any effort. Size indications on the table will help to measure out the desired size. The angle systems are equipped with a millimeter scale. This makes it easy to measure rectangular cuts of any length.

The ergonomically shaped handle fits comfortably in the hand. Despite the simple design of the Dahle lever cutter, the knife can be pressed down purposefully and without any problems.

Is it easy to insert paper?

We do not need any special skill to push the paper under the pressure rail.

Is it possible to work with only one hand?

To prevent the individual sheets from shifting during cutting, they must be fixed manually. This is the only way we have prevented the leaves from fanning out. To fix the paper, the paper cutter has a transparent pressing rail for manual pressing.

Can the machine be easily modified?

Dahle 502 in review
The Dahle 502 in our test

Unlike roller cutting machines that have different blades, periodic modification of the Dahle 502 machine is usually not necessary. Nevertheless, we have tried to dismantle the lever blade. With the right tools, we finally did it. To do this, we unscrewed the screw with a five millimeter Allen wrench. At first it was difficult to fix the hexagon nut. An extra pair of needle-nose pliers was the solution.

Since the blade of a lever-action trimmer usually needs to be removed very rarely, this is not a major issue in our estimation.

What about safety?

The Dahle 502 lever trimmer does not feature a fully developed safety system. However, it does have the GS test seal and thus complies with current safety requirements.

How easy is the cut?

The paper is easy to insert and the lever can be pressed down without any problems.


How accurately can you work with the paper cutter?

A backgauge is unfortunately missing. Trimming a single sheet of paper works without any problems. With multiple sheets, we had to make sure they didn’t slide out of place. The different format sizes facilitate accurate cutting with the Dahle 502 lever cutting machine.

Are the angles and millimeter specifications correct?

All specifications of the Dahle 502 are correct.

Can narrow stripes also be cut?

Cutting narrow stripes of paper works without any problems. This allows small corrections to be made later.

Even five millimeter wide paper strips can be cut narrower with the lever cutter. However, measuring must be done manually, because the last centimeter before the cutting edge does not have a measuring scale.

Format variety / equipment

What format specifications are offered?

Dahle 502 paper cutter formats table
The format information on the cutting table of the Dahle 502 lever cutting machine

The Dahle 502 lever cutting machine offers the following format specifications:

[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#04B404″ font_size=”16″] Angle specifications / angular grid (15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°)
[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#04B404″ font_size=”16″] Ruler and measuring scales
[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#04B404″ font_size=”16″] DIN A, business cards and photo formats
[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#04B404″ font_size=”16″] Ruler and measuring scales
[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#04B404″ font_size=”16″] DIN A formats, business cards and photo sizes

The following equipment and format details are missing:

  • Carrier bag
  • Table fixtures
  • Wall suspension
  • Laser for cut interpretation
  • Adjustable backgauge

Price / performance

We find that the Dahle 502 lever slicer is offered at a reasonable price. A machine with a cutting table made of metal is, of course, a little more expensive than a device made of plastic. Thus, the price and quality match.


The Dahle 502 is a good machine for beginners. If you want to make long cuts when crafting or maintain a small office, you’ll be happy with the Dahle 502 Lever Cutting Machine.

All those who want to cut large quantities of paper should look at professional equipment.

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Andere beliebte günstige Hebelschneidemaschinen sind die Zoomyo und Genie GH40. Im mittleren Preissegment gehören zu unseren Bestsellern die Ideal 1133 und Dahle 533. Bei Profis ist die Dahle 561 sehr beliebt.[/su_note]

Conclusion Dahle 502

Paper cutting machine test

In our opinion, price and performance are in line with this paper cutting machine.
Anyone looking for a compact lever cutter should consider this lever cutting machine. [asa Bewertung3]B000SO78B2[/asa] Check price here!*

Our test result:

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