Our detailed test of the Dahle 561 lever cutting machine



With the Dahle 561 lever guillotine, we tested a real heavyweight among tabletop guillotines. All those looking for a professional device should not miss our test report. Learn here what the lever cutter can do.

Paper cutting machine test

Video of the Dahle 561 test: Get a vivid impression

You will also see in the video that the first impression speaks for high-quality workmanship and materials that are appealing in terms of quality. The housing is made of sturdy metal, which ensures a secure hold of the cutter. The sharp blade easily glides through even thicker stacks of paper (up to 35 sheets). Attractive cutting results can also be achieved with foil and cardboard, making the Dahle 561 a 'sleek' all-rounder' in the office. In the video of the test, you can see how easy it is to insert the cutting material and how clearly the format information is displayed. Precise cuts are ensured by two angle systems and the possibility of precise scaling. Tip: Want to see more popular cutting machines in action? Are you also interested in other cutting machines or would you like to see a direct comparison? Then you can watch our video to see 9 paper cutting machines in a practical test. You can jump to a specific section in the video and view a specific cutter if you wish

Here, the Dahle 561 provides faithful and highly precise service

Whether home office, corporate office, advertising agencies, graphic studios, schools, kindergartens or other institutions: The cutting machine presented here brings more functionality to every desk, especially since cutting by hand cannot be an alternative for larger quantities of paper.

Overview & important test results for people in a hurry on the Dahle 561 lever slicer:

The structure of the Dahle 561

The main components of the paper cutting machine:


The angle unit for 90° cuts,
respectively at the lower and upper end.

The backgauge to quickly insert the desired format again and again.

Cutting table with different formats:
A4 (lengthwise), A5 and A6 (lengthwise and crosswise), business cards
and angular grid: 75, 60, 45, 30 and 15° cuts

Cutting levers made of Solingen steel

Protective equipment so that nothing goes wrong

All technical data at a glance:

  • Max. Cutting length 360 mm
  • Max. Pile height: 3.5 centimeters (= cutting capacity of 35 sheets at 80 gsm)
  • Max. Format: DIN A4
  • Metal housing with recessed grips and ergonomic handle
  • Total weight: 6.1 kg

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Who is the Dahle 561 cutting machine for?

In view of the enormous cutting capacity of up to 35 sheets at a time, this is clearly a professional device that meets the highest demands. The innovative safety mechanism around the high-quality blade makes this lever cutter a clear asset for anyone who wants to eliminate any risk of injury during frequent use (especially in the hectic workday, when things have to move very quickly).

What impressed us in the test:

The Dahle 561 is very robust, not least due to its comparatively high weight. Nevertheless, it is very easy and precise to use, so that even delicate work can be performed without effort. In the test video you can see that even very thin paper can be cut without any problems. This also applies to thicker materials, and the machine can cut not only paper. The well thought-out safety device, which reliably shields the sharp quality knife and does not interfere with it in any way, is a real delight. Beginners therefore need have no fear of contact when using the Dahle 561 for the first time. The specified cutting performance could be confirmed in the test: Even thicker stacks of paper can be cut effortlessly with this lever cutting machine thanks to automatic pressing.

What we didn’t like so much:

In the test, the Dahle 561 was convincing all around; there are no points of criticism worth mentioning. The high weight should not be seen as a disadvantage, as it ensures very good stability and increases the safety level even further.

Advantages of the Dahle 561 cutting machine:


Relatively large storage footprint, which should not be a problem when used professionally on a large desk in the office. For home use, smaller models like the Dahle 508 or Dahle 533 are worth checking out as an alternative.

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The Dahle 561 is justifiably one of the most popular lever-action trimmers. Flexible and reliable.

189,48 EUR*

Dahle 561 lever cutting machine: equipment and design

The blue metal table provides a sturdy foundation for this popular lever-action slicer (check price here!*). The device is easy to transport due to recessed grips. Thanks to rounded edges, there is no risk of injuring yourself when you bump into the machine. The cutting board is equipped with a ruler, various format lines and angle systems in inches and centimeters. This means you can implement the desired format with a glance and a simple touch, while the adjustable backgauge gives you a high degree of flexibility in use. The following format templates can be used:

  • A4 (lengthwise)
  • A5 and A6 (both lengthwise and crosswise)
  • Format template for business cards
  • Angular grid 75, 60, 45, 30 and 15° cuts
Die Formatangaben im Detail bieten alles zwischen Visitenkartengröße und Din A4.
Die komplette Dahle 561 mit Rückanschlag, Linalen, Formatangaben und der sicheren Hebelklinge.

A special highlight that speaks for the quality of this cutting machine from Dahle is the regrindable steel blade from Solingen. You will positively feel the sharpness of the knife when cutting. Thanks to the possibility of resharpening, you are relying on a sustainable and long-lasting solution with the Dahle 561.

The very solid blade from Solingen.

Dahle 561 Papierschneider mit Sicherheitsautomatik (Bis DIN A4, 35 Blatt Schneidleistung)*
  • Schneidemaschine für Profis. Bringt mühelos und sicher Papier, Fotos, Karton und andere Werkstoffe sauber und rechtwinklig auf das richtige Format
  • Schutz vor Schnittverletzungen durch Sicherheitsautomatik. Die empfohlene zweihändige Bedienung reduziert das Verletzungsrisiko (Hand 1 fixiert den Tisch, Hand 2 bedient das Messer)
  • Hebelschneidemaschine mit stabilem Metalltisch und abgerundeten Kanten. Formatlinien und Lineal auf dem Schneidebrett sorgen für exaktes Schneiden
  • Schneidemaschine mit geschraubtem und geschliffenem Ober- und Untermesser. Hochwertige, scharfe Stahlmesser aus Solingen sorgen für glatte Kanten am Papier, ohne auszufransen
  • Papierschneidemaschine mit automatischer Pressung. Zwei Winkelanlagen mit mm- und Inch-Skala und verstellbarer Rückanschlag

Functions: What the Dahle 561 cutting machine can do

In the video for the test of the Dahle 561 slicer you will get a meaningful overview of the range of functions. The adjustable back gauge and automatic pressing in particular prove extremely useful for daily use in the professional sector. After all, you want to be able to insert the cutting material quickly and, if necessary, in exactly the same position again without long adjustment times. The cutting performance of the sharp quality blade doesn’t just allow you to cut up to 35 sheets of paper. Other materials such as soft plastic, leather, thin sheets and cardboard can also be processed professionally and in a time-saving manner. Therefore, you can use the Dahle 561 as more than just a paper cutter, which puts the purchase cost of this functional all-rounder in a different light.

Dahle 561 lever-operated cutting machine: handling, precision & variety of shapes

In the test, this high-quality slicer was able to convince with its filigree and easy-to-operate mechanisms despite its high weight. The ergonomically shaped lever is very comfortable to use. Even cutting thicker stacks of paper does not require significant force. You do not need to have your hand on the lever permanently when working: It remains in the position in which you release it. Push the lever up as soon as you want to feed new paper into the cutting opening.

Overall, the Dahle 561 allows for very precise work, which explicitly also applies to very thin paper. With the back gauge, measuring the cutting material is quick and easy. The handle is ergonomically shaped. It thus lies comfortably in the hand even during longer use, so that ‘signs of fatigue’ are not to be expected. With the format lines, the alignment of the cutting material succeeds quickly and with the necessary precision.

How safe is it to work with the Dahle 561 cutter?

The automatic safety system is certainly one of the functional highlights of this cutting machine. Basically, the manufacturer recommends two-handed operation. One hand operates the knife, the other fixes the table. The weight of more than 6 kilograms and rubberized feet provide a very stable stand. Due to the automatic safety system, the sharp knife is always optimally shielded, so that the risk of injury is minimized. You can see the security mechanism impressively in the video.

Der Hebel der Dahle verbindet Design mit Funktion und Sicherheit.
The lever is very solidly attached

Is a lot of force required for cutting?

No, the lever is easy to operate, even with larger quantities of paper. This can be seen impressively in our test.

Corrective cuts: How does the cutter work in very narrow areas?

Even if it has to be very precise, this lever cutter can achieve appealing results. In addition to the good adjustability, this is mainly due to the high-quality blade, which ensures very precise cuts.

Sharp, sharper - brand quality from Solingen:

Without question, the sharp knife is the functional heart of this device. The resharpenable steel blade provides smooth edges on paper or other materials.

Automatic for your safety:

Sometimes you need to move quickly and you may not always have your eyes on the cutting surface. Thanks to the innovative automatic safety system, the sharp blade is optimally shielded at all times, so there is no risk of injury if used properly.

Conclusion: Proven quality from Dahle with a convincing price-performance ratio

With Dahle, you are relying on proven quality for the office or cutting paper and other materials, which is even rounded off with a 5-year warranty on this device. You can see from this guarantee and the slightly higher purchase price that you are choosing a professional device (check price here!*). Not only in the office, but also in schools, kindergartens and other institutions, a ‘sleek’ all-rounder like this for creative projects should not be missing.

Professional alternatives from Dahle:

Clear buying recommendation for all those who want to cut well & precisely every day!

In view of the high-quality materials and precise functionality, we can give it a clear buying recommendation for all those who have high demands on a cutter or have to use it every day for several stacks of paper. With the model presented here, you are choosing one of the most popular cutting machines that knows how to convince in the office with its all-rounder qualities. If you are looking for an alternative for home use, you can find more tests for Dahle cutters or cutting machines from other manufacturers here.

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