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Peach lever cutter PC300-01

Looking for a lever cutter to help you in your office or school prep?
With the Peach PC300-01 lever-action cutter, you may have found just the right paper cutter for you. In this article we are taking a closer look at this cutting machine for paper and more. You will find out what can be expected, for whom the lever cutter is suitable and whether the price-performance ratio fits.

Key data Peach lever cutter PC300-01

The Peach lever cutter is a good and reliable helper for your small (home) office. It can be used to cut stacks of paper up to DIN A4 size. According to the manufacturer, the stack can consist of up to ten sheets (80g/sqm). The blade achieves a cutting length of 33 centimeters.

Too many technical terms? In our general article about lever cutting machines you will find useful information!

The housing of the Peach lever cutter is made of metal. In total, the paper cutter weighs about 1.5 kilograms.

Handling and precision

Peach Hebelschneider - für Homeoffice, Büro, Schule - bis A3 - bis 10 Blatt - Metallgehäuse -...*
  • HIGHLIGHT: Stabile Metallkonstruktion.
  • TESTSIEGER: Testresultat GUT bei (2021)
  • SCHARF: Das Hebelmesser schneidet bis zu 10 Blätter.
  • BENUTZERFREUNDLICH: Papierformate und Winkelmarkierungen sind auf dem Schneidetisch aufgedruckt.
  • SICHER: Dank einem Messerschutz mit integriertem Schnittandeuter.

To cut the paper into the desired format, the hardened steel blade is pressed down from above. But it doesn’t always have to be paper. The paper cutter is also designed for cutting photos, foils or thin cardboard.
Precise and accurate cutting is helped by the centimeter scales on the upper side and on the side of the blade. In addition, the Peach lever cutter has various DIN format specifications, which are printed on the table. These include A7, B7, A6, B6, A5 and A4 sorted by size.
If you need a cut with an angle other than 90°, you will find angle indications embossed on the table.

Quality and price performance ratio

Despite the low price, the Peach PC300-01 lever cutter has a solid quality.

Peach PC300-01 paper cutter under the magnifying glass

Buyers on Amazon are mostly very satisfied with the quality. Consequently, there is no complaining about the price-performance ratio. [asa Bewertung2] B000WKH9MA [/asa]


If you’re looking for a reliable solution for the small office, we think you’ll find the Peach Lever Trimmer a good candidate. If you are looking for a paper cutting machine for crafting, you should rather go for roller cutting machines.

Our opinion based on product data from the manufacturer:

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