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Repairing the angle unit of the Dahle 507 paper cutting machine

UPDATE: These instructions refer to the 2nd generation Dahle 507 roll slitter. In the meantime, Dahle Novus has brought the 3rd generation to the market, where no commitment is necessary. We have tested and evaluated the 3rd generation Dahle 507!

The Dahle 507 roll and cut paper cutter* is a great paper cutter for the hobby or small office.

In this guide we will show you how to repair the angle unit of the Dahle 507 roll and slitting machine very quickly and easily.

What is the problem?

The angular device is a practical aid to quickly and easily insert paper for cutting. Ideally, the angle unit should ensure that the paper can be cut at the right angles. However, for some users, this angle system is slightly misaligned, which is why it does not produce a precise 90° angle.

The odd angle plant can be repaired.
The offset is more than one millimeter over the full length of an A4 sheet.

What can I do?

If the said offset bothers you, you don’t have to return your cutter or submit a complaint. This is because the slight misalignment can be corrected very quickly and very easily. All that is needed here is a small crosshead or slotted screwdriver.

Dahle 507 and screwdriver for adjustment
More than a simple screwdriver is not needed to adjust the Dahle 507.

Our guide

Check the angle plants

First check which of the two angle systems must be adjusted. On our machine, it was only one side. The easiest way to do this is to insert a DIN A4 sheet into the cutter so that it is aligned with the angle unit. If you position the sheet exactly on the long ruler, the further away you go from the angle unit, the more precisely it is set. If the blade has the same distance to the ruler on both sides, the angle unit is already correctly adjusted. If the distance to the ruler is different, then this angle system must be readjusted.

The adjustment

The adjustment is very simple. For this purpose, only two screws on the underside of the paper cutter need to be partially loosened for each angle unit of the Dahle 507 roll cutter.

Loosen Dahle 507 screws
Only two screws have to be loosened slightly for adjustment.

It is important that these are the two screws that are furthest away from the edge with the trimming device (cf. picture). And that’s almost it. Next, the angle unit must be shifted so that the paper is now cut at a 90° angle. Make sure that you move the angle unit in such a way that the long ruler continues to cut off the correct length.

The assembly

After the angle system has been adjusted, the two screws simply need to be retightened. To prevent the angle unit from slipping again, fix the angle unit between your index finger and thumb as shown in the picture.

Holding the angle device Dahle 507
The angle unit should be held and fixed firmly when screwing it down so that it does not slip again.

The result

We readjusted our Dahle 507 to 90° angles in just a few simple steps.

Dahle 507 after the adjustment
After the quick adjustment, the angle unit is also suitable for precise 90° angles.

We hope that this manual has helped you continue to enjoy using this great slitter rewinder.

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