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Rotary cutter, roller cutter, ruler & cutting mat

If you want to design a photo album yourself or create a gift for Easter, Christmas or for a birthday yourself, you don’t necessarily have to use a
Buy paper cutter
and use. You can also use a cutter or rotary cutter in combination with a suitable ruler and a good cutting mat. How to make the gift yourself simply and easily.
Paper cutting machines such as roll, lever or

Prym Rollschneider Maxi Olfa- Rollenschneider, Ø 45 mm, 1 Stück

Stack cutting machines are designed for very precise and repetitive work and cuts and are particularly well suited. If you want to create a unique piece or just cut some photos to a suitable length, you can also use a cutter or rotary cutter together with a ruler and cutting mat.
A cutter is basically equivalent to a box cutter with a blade suitable for paper or similar material. A rotary cutter can be compared to a box cutter, which is equipped with a spinning blade.

A good reference are also always the rotary cutter bestsellers!

The ruler is positioned on the paper or photo and the cut is made by dragging the cutter along the ruler. Here it is important that the blade is sharp enough so that the paper does not fray. You should also make sure that you always guide the blade of the rotary cutter along the ruler, to avoid crooked cuts.

The cutting of many and especially longer cuts, which should possibly also be identical, is quite time-consuming and difficult with a cutter. Paper cutting machines are better suited for this purpose. Rotary cutter and cutter are safe enough for skilled and adults and are not a problem. For children, the cutter or rotary cutter is only suitable to a limited extent, e.g. in craft lessons, depending on the age group.

Why a cutting mat?

A cutting mat, which is used together with a cutter or rotary cutter, protects the table on which you are cutting. In addition, the cutting mat facilitates the cutting of longer cuts. It’s all too easy to move away from the ruler when cutting with the blade of the knife and you no longer have a clean cut. By allowing the cutter or rotary cutter to lightly penetrate the cutting mat during cutting, the blade is stabilized and a clean cut is made easier. Self-healing cutting mats* have the advantage that they last a very long time.

Our recommendation:

Wedo 79245 Schneidematte Comfortline A3 (CM 45, selbstschließende Oberfläche, 45 x 30 x 0,3 cm)...
Angebot Prym 611393 Rollschneider/Stoffschneider Comfort 45 mm

Advantages & Disadvantages rotary cutter

The advantages of the cutter / rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mats combination are:

  • Easy handling
  • Individual cut shapes possible
  • Individual cuts can be made very accurately because you work with your hands (and eyes) directly on the paper

The disadvantages of this combination are:

  • Long cuts are prone to errors
  • No high cutting height possible
  • Not suitable for everyone for safety reasons
  • Reproducibility of cutting results must be ensured by the user alone

In our product comparison we have summarized and compared the most popular cutters / rotary cutters, rulers and cutting mats.

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