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Wherever mainly plastic pipes have to be cut, a ratchet pipe cutter or a special pipe cutter must not be missing. The interface must be absolutely clean to ensure smooth processing or integration of pipe sections. This will not be possible with conventional equipment from the toolbox. Craftsmen as well as auto mechanics or tinkerers swear by ratchet pipe cutters, which are similar in function to a torque wrench. The great advantage can be seen in the precise application requiring little force.

The difference in quality becomes visible at the cutting edge

A special pipe cutter basically performs the same function, except that it lacks the ratchet function. Thanks to an optimal lever transmission, you can easily cut pipes with a larger diameter using special scissors, whereby the cutting edge is absolutely clean or deburred in one working pass. This decisive criterion is where professional devices separate themselves from improvised cutting attempts that leave something to be desired in terms of quality.

More info on the different pipe cutters can be found in our buying guide!

Why buy a ratchet pipe cutter?

Looking at the models presented here, you will quickly notice the handy dimensions. Ratchet pipe cutters feature a very handy design to allow cutting even in very confined spaces. Think of pipes that are right up against a wall or lines on the floor of a vehicle / in the engine compartment: with a ratchet pipe cutter, you can target the spot and cut cleanly. You wouldn’t even get close to the interface with a saw or other cutting tools. Efficiency is a clear functional trump card of ratchet pipe cutters, which are available for a wide variety of materials such as copper, stainless steel, brass, carbon steel or plastics, depending on the model. The ratchet function is ideal wherever a short cutting path is required.

How to find the right ratchet pipe cutter

Define your list of requirements:

  • What materials do you need to cut?
  • What pipe diameters do you have to deal with and in which areas will you use the pipe cutter?

It makes a big difference whether you want to cut new pipes freely or replace old ones directly on the wall in very confined spaces. For the latter case, pipe shears or models with ratchet function are the optimal solution due to their design. How much money you want to spend on this practical helper depends on their quality and performance requirements. The more often you will use a ratchet pipe cutter, the more justified a higher purchase price will seem.

What other pipe cutters are there?

We invite you to discover more ‘cutting edge’ solutions in convincing quality here on this portal. Pipe cutters with chain or thread and circular knives are other popular variants for cutting tight-fitting pipes precisely, without any appreciable effort.

RC-1625 Ratchet Action Plastic Pipe & Tubing Cutter

This functional plastic pipe cutter masters diameters with a range between 3 and 42 millimeters. It is specially designed for cutting plastic pipes (PVC, PP, CPVC, PE and rubber hoses). Vertical cuts can be implemented effortlessly and, in particular, without burrs. Of noticeable advantage during use are the ergonomic troughs on the lower part of the handle. They also conveniently serve as a scale to measure pipes. In this respect, this supposedly simple pipe cutter for plastic will impress you with well thought-out functional details.

RIDGID 23498 Modell RC-1625 Ratschen-Rohrschere für Kunststoff, Kunststoffrohrabschneider von 3 mm...*
  • Entwickelt für das Schneiden von Rohren aus Kunststoff (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, Gummischläuche) und Verbundwerkstoffen.
  • Schnell und leicht auswechselbare X-CEL (RIDGID 27858)
  • Praktisch gratfreies Schneiden für einen müheloseren senkrechten Schnitt
  • Am unteren Handgriff sind ergonomische Mulden in einem Abstand von jeweils 1/2" (13 mm) angebracht. Sie fungieren als Skala zum schnellen Messen von Rohren.
  • Der Rohrabschneider eignet sich für Rohre mit einem Außendurchmesser von 3 mm bis 42 mm.

You want to cut even more?

Interesting for hobby craftsmen is that this device can also cut rubber hoses accurately. Thus, there are fewer functional limits to the creativity of craftsmen. Weighing only about 500 grams, this ratchet pipe shear feels good in the hand, even over a long period of time. The slim design allows pipes to be flexibly cut or cut off for replacement even in confined spaces.

Libraton Pipe Cutter for plastic with ratchet function

With this pipe cutter you can easily and precisely cut diameters up to 42 millimeters. The hardened blade is the guarantee for excellent cutting quality. The ratchet function has a self-locking effect and noticeably increases the cutting performance. Tubes can be clamped tightly so that the subsequent cut succeeds with maximum precision. Due to this functional nature, this pipe cutter is very suitable for small diameters. Plastics or materials that can be cut include PPE, PVC, PU, PPR and PEX.

KNIPEX Pipe Cutter for Composite and Protective Pipes (210 mm)

This pipe cutter is suitable for composite pipes with a diameter between 12 and 25 millimeters. Protective tubes with diameters between 18 and 35 millimeters can also be efficiently processed with the KNIPEX tube cutter. The highlight is the patented knife guide. The ultra-sharp knife is oil-hardened and replaceable. The tool body is made of chrome vanadium electrical steel. In this respect, it is a robust tool that is ideal for frequent use. This patented pipe cutter was designed for the sanitary sector, electrical installations and heating construction.

RIDGID 20191 Model 1442N for Composite and Plastic Pipes

This powerful pipe shear scores with ergonomic handles for appealing ease of use. These handles also act as a scale for measuring pipes. The sharp X-CEL blade is replaceable so that this pipe cutter provides functional service over a long period of time for burr-free cutting of composite pipes or pipes made of PE, PEX, PP, PVC or CPVC.

Interested in other cutting machines for craftsmen?

In our overview of cutting machines for craft activities, you will find what you are looking for!

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