Pipe cutters for stainless steel/copper: These models get the job done!

Cutting a stainless steel pipe is a challenge not only because of the hardness of the material: The work often has to be done in confined spaces, so a pipe cutter has to be very handy. This is especially true of copper pipes, which usually have a small diameter. Due to the hardness of stainless steel or a steel pipe, it is necessary to check exactly how powerful a pipe cutter needs to be. An ordinary saw is not an alternative: cutting would take a long time and the result would leave much to be desired in terms of quality due to an unclean cutting edge.

With copper tubes in particular, there is also a risk of the tube deforming due to excessive pressure during the manual attempt at sawing. Pipes that have been cut in this way do not allow clean further processing, which is why the need for a special pipe cutter quickly becomes apparent, especially in craft projects in the sanitary sector. Further below we present 3 field-proven solutions in case you want to buy a pipe cutter for stainless steel (or copper).

More info about the different pipe cutters can be found in our buying guide!

How to cut stainless steel pipes?

Depending on the pipe diameter and the quantity of pipes to be cut, apart from the pipe cutter or a special pipe saw, the main options are circular pipe saws, circular saws, tiger saws and pipe cutting machines. The more professional the craftsmanship, the more powerful the pipe cutter should be.

Why buy pipe cutters for stainless steel?

As a rule, pipes are laid piecemeal. Therefore, the cutting edge for the joint must be absolutely clean or burr-free. This is the only way to join two pieces of pipe with a precise fit by means of welding. Optimum fitting accuracy is also important for screw and press connections. This also applies in the event that a pipe section needs to be specifically replaced. To ensure the necessary precision, a professional pipe cutter for stainless steel or a steel pipe is necessary, especially for heating installations.

Understanding the materials: differences between steel, stainless steel and copper?

Copper pipes with corners and angles – bring on the pipe cutter

A key selection criterion for the right pipe cutter is that it can handle the material to be handled and the respective diameters. Stainless steel is an alloyed form of crude steel that is rustproof. This material is much harder than copper, which means that the requirements for cutting performance are higher. In addition to multifunctional devices, there are special pipe cutters for copper, perfectly adapted to this material and smaller diameters. For thick-walled stainless steel pipes, a motorized pipe cutter must often be used. Copper pipes with a small diameter require a careful approach during processing. Therefore, you should choose a pipe cutter that is optimized exactly for the requirements of the material in question.

Purchasing criteria: Pipe cutters for stainless steel

  • Maximum pipe thickness: For which field of application is the pipe cutter necessary?
  • Acceptable materials: Is the pipe cutter suitable for stainless steel (steel pipe) and other materials?
  • Operating comfort & safety: How well does the pipe cutter fit in the hand? What are the safety features (minimizing the risk of injury)?
  • Slip resistance: How securely can the pipe be fixed in the cutter for optimum cut quality?
  • Price: How much do you want to spend on a stainless steel pipe cutter? Is a manually operated entry-level device sufficient or does it have to be professional quality for high-performance use?

In order to buy a suitable pipe cutter for stainless steel (and copper, if necessary, as well as other materials), you should be aware of the area of use. The more often you need a pipe cutter for stainless steel, the more powerful it should be.

Looking for a pipe cutter for upcoming renovation projects? You will find what you are looking for in the following compact product selection. We invite you to compare and discover other cutting tools here to expand your craftsmanship with reliable performance.

Gedore 4589: Powerful Chain Pipe Cutter

A chain pipe cutter such as the Gedore 4589 is ideal for cutting pipes that are close to the wall. A chain pipe cutter like this one can also be considered for exhaust pipes. The Gedore 4589, which is also suitable for stainless steel pipes, can efficiently manage a diameter of up to 75 millimeters and a wall thickness of up to 2.6 millimeters. Thanks to a sophisticated gripping technique, reliable fixation is possible. In product reviews, most users state that pipes can be cut safely and with little effort.

GEDORE Kettenrohrabschneider, 1 Stück, 4589
21 Bewertungen*
GEDORE Kettenrohrabschneider, 1 Stück, 4589*
  • Für Rohre mit Ø 75 mm und Wandstärke 2,6 mm
  • Auch geeignet für Edelstahlrohre
  • E-4589 A Ersatzkette
  • GEDORE Qualität

EZWARC pipe cutter: More flexibility with a 2-piece set

With this field-proven pipe cutter set, you can precisely process diameters with a bandwidth between 5 and 50 millimeters. With the mini pipe cutter you are perfectly equipped for diameters between 3 and 22 millimeters. The heart of this pipe cutter is the ultra-sharp alloy steel cutting wheel. High stability and convincing cutting quality are ensured by 6 individual bearings. This set allows you to work with stainless steel, copper and also PVC aluminum pipes. The small size of this pipe cutter allows you to use it even where there is little space. Demanding craftsmen or professionals should not do without this powerful all-rounder in the set.

EZARC 2 tlg Rohrschneider, Kupferrohrschneider Set (Ø) 3-50 mm, Leitungsschneider für Schneiden...*
  • ✅ 【Große Schneidkapazität】: 5 - 50 mm Rohre mit großem Rohrschneider durchschneiden, 3 - 22 mm Rohre mit Mini-Rohrschneider durchschneiden, insbesondere für den Einsatz in eingeschränkten Bereichen, in denen eine vollständige Drehung nicht möglich ist.
  • ✅ 【Sauberer und präziser Schnitt】: 6 einzelne Lager sorgen für mehr Geschwindigkeit und Stabilität. Ultrascharfes Schneidrad und einstellbarer Knopf zum schnelleren und einfacheren Schneiden von Rohren.
  • ✅ 【Haltbarkeit】: Das wärmebehandelte Schneidrad aus legiertem Stahl und die Konstruktion aus hochwertigem Stahl machen unseren Rohrschneider zu einer Hochleistung für Sanitär-, Elektro-, Klimaanlagen-, Automobil- und Heimwerkeranwendungen.
  • ✅ 【Schneidmaterialien】: Schwerlast für hartes Material wie dünnen Edelstahl und alle weichen Rohre wie Aluminium, Kupfer und PVC mit einer Dicke von 2,5 - 5 mm.
  • ✅ 【Lebenslange Garantie】: EZARC bietet für seine Produkte eine Qualitätsgarantie gegen Material- oder Verarbeitungsfehler während der gesamten Lebensdauer des Werkzeugs.

Gochange Pipe Cutter for Copper

This mini pipe cutter is your best selling choice for copper pipes and such also brass, plastic and PVC aluminum. The range in terms of cutting performance lies between 3 and 22 millimeters rather in the filigree range. The very handy size of this mini pipe cutter allows you to work comfortably even in confined spaces, such as when installing copper pipes for a heating system. Plumbers, vehicle mechanics, electricians and passionate hobby craftsmen should not do without this powerful helper to cut pipes with the necessary precision.

3-28mm Mini Rohrschneider, Rohrschneider Kupferrohrschneider Schneidwerkzeuge für Schneiden von...*
  • Klinge aus Kohlenstoffstahl - SHARF & LANGLEBIG : Die Klinge des Schneidrads besteht aus kohlenstoffreichem Stahl, der Kupfer, Eisen, Stahl und Aluminium schneiden kann
  • Stahlrolle - FLEXIBEL & GENAU : Die Rolle kann eine feste Rolle spielen, indem sie das zu schneidende Objekt vertikal mit dem Schneidrad ausgerichtet hält. Stellen Sie sicher, dass das Objekt und das Schneidrad geklemmt sind und auf derselben Linie geschnitten werden. Verbessern Sie die Genauigkeit beim Schneiden von Objekten und vermeiden Sie übermäßige Kratzer auf der Oberfläche.
  • Ergonomischer Metallgriff - GLÄTTE & TEXTUR : Mit dem Griff wird der Abstand zwischen Schneidrad und Walze eingestellt, im Uhrzeigersinn nahe der Walze, gegen den Uhrzeigersinn von der Walze weg.
  • Schnittbereich - MIN & MAX : Da zwischen den Rollen ein Spalt vorhanden ist, kann sich ein Rohr mit einem Durchmesser von weniger als 3 mm zwischen den Rollen verfangen, sodass der Durchmesser des Rohrs nicht unter 3 mm liegen darf. Die maximale Reichweite des Mini Rohrschneiders beträgt 28 mm.
  • Anwendungsempfehlung: Vor dem Polieren mit professionellen Werkzeugen die Schnittfläche nicht berühren, um unnötige Schäden zu vermeiden.

Interested in other cutting machines for craftsmen?

In our overview of cutting machines for craft activities, you will find what you are looking for!

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