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In this article of our paper cutter series, we have compared the different types of paper cut ters based on their features, advantages and disadvantages to help you in your purchase decision.

If you are interested in the detailed descriptions of the different cutting machines, we recommend you the first three articles of our series:

In this article, we compare lever and roller cutters.

Quality first!

In general, quality is crucial when choosing a rotary cutter or lever cutter. The technical differences, advantages and disadvantages of different types of cutting machines are important. However, the best cutting technique cannot compensate for quality deficiencies. Of course, quality comes at a price and the cost of a quality slicer may very well rise. You might even be better served with a machine of a different type.
Therefore, in our opinion, it is very important to know for what purposes you need the paper cutter.

If you are clear about the purposes for which you want to use the paper cutter you need*, then you are already an important step further. A suitable quality and a reasonable and good price-performance ratio are then decisive in the final decision. In general, it can be said that slitter rewinders are designed more for individual and exact cuts (home, hobby, photo, graphic or advertising agencies). Lever cutters are designed more for larger and also thicker quantities of paper with a high throughput.

Guidelines for choosing a  paper cutting machines

To help you decide, we have determined guide values in the following table. These will help you choose your paper cutter.

Dahle 552 Papierschneider (Bis DIN A3, 20 Blatt Schneidleistung, altes Modell) blau*
  • Komfortable Roll- und Schnitt-Schneidemaschine für den professionellen Einsatz. Schneidet bis zu 20 Blatt Papier (70g/qm)
  • Stabiler Metalltisch mit rutschfesten Gummifüßen. Nützliche Formatlinien und Lineal auf dem Schneidebrett
  • Der geschlossene Messerkopf des Rollschneider garantiert hohe Sicherheit. Messerkopf auswechselbar. Aufhängemöglichkeit für Wandmontage
  • Geschliffenes Rundmesser im geschlossenen Kunststoffkopf und geschliffenes Untermesser - beide Messer aus gehärtetem Spezialstahl
  • Automatische Pressung an der Schnittstelle. Winkelanlage mit mm-Skala. Papierschneidemaschine mit verstellbarem Rückanschlag
  • Paper thickness / cutting height
    ++       Roller cutter (up to approx. 3cm)
    +++    Lever cutter (up to approx. 8cm)
    ++++ Stack cutter (up to approx. x cm)
  • Maximum format size / cut length
    +++    Slitter rewinder (up to approx. 130cm)
    ++       Lever cutter (up to approx. 110cm)
    ++++ Stack cutter (up to approx. x cm)
  • minimum format size
    Depends heavily on the paper cutter. Press-on, and safety devices may require e.g.       a minimum size.
    ++++ Slitter rewinder
    +++    Lever Cutting Machine
    ++       Stack cutter
  • precise and clean cutting
    Depends greatly on the quality of the paper cutter and the intended use.
    ++++ Slitter rewinder
    ++++ Lever cutter
    ++++ Stack cutter
  • various measuring scales (rulers, grids, angles and DIN A forms)
    Depends on the implementation of the paper cutter.
  • Number of sheets per operation
    ++      Roll slitter (up to approx. 20)
    +++   Lever cutter (up to approx. 30)
    ++++ Stack cutting machine (up to approx. 80)
  • (Adjustable) end stop
    Depends on the implementation of the paper cutter.
  • Angular system
    Depends on the implementation of the paper cutter.
  • stable and safe stand of the paper cutting machine
    Depends on the implementation of the paper cutter.
  • Security
    Depends very much on the implementation, but roll slitters always offer very good safety in principle due to the technical implementation. In general, a paper cutter should always be GS or TÜV tested.
    ++++ slitter rewinder
    +++    Lever cutting machine
    +++    Stack cutting machine
  • Maintainability / durability
    Good paper cutters have good durability and there are also appropriate spare parts that are included or can be purchased. Roll cutters have good durability due to the self-regrinding. The blade of a good lever cutter or stack cutter also lasts a very long time.
  • Force
    +++    Rotary cutting machine
    ++++  Lever cutting machine
    ++++  stack cutting machine
  • Materials
    ++       Rotary cutting machine
    +++    Lever cutting machine
    ++++ Stack cutting machine
  • Special cut shapes ( e.g. perforation, wave cut, etc.)
    ++++ Slitter rewinder (Caution: not available on all models)
    +         Lever Cutting Machine
    +         Stack cutter

Selection of paper cutting machines according to the purpose of use

The various types of paper cutters are suitable for different purposes.

Slitter rewinders / slitter rewinders

The rotary cutter is suitable for decorative work and long cuts. At the same time the height of cut should not be too large. The roll cutter is the optimal paper cutter for home, schools or kindergarten for handicrafts. more professional equipment is also used in graphic studios, by photographers and in advertising agencies.

Lever cutting machines / lever cutters

Ideal 1133 Schneidemaschine, Hebelschneider, Papierschneider bis DIN A4 (250 x 340 mm, Schnittlänge...*
  • Innovativer Hebelschneider / Papierschneidemaschine für die private Anwendung oder im Büro mit hoher Schnittleistung für Papier, Fotos, Etiketten, Bastelarbeiten und vieles mehr.
  • Schneidegerät mit einer Schnittleistung von 15 Blatt, einer Tischgröße von 250 x 340 mm und einer Schnittlänge von 340 mm. Perfekt geeignet für Formate bis DIN A4 (im Querformat auch bis zu einer Größe von DIN A3).
  • Gängige Fotoformate und DIN-Formateinteilung auf dem Schneidetisch aufgedruckt ermöglichen präzises Schneiden. Zwei Papieranlagen vorne und hinten. Zwei Maßskalen in cm und mm. Verstellbarer Rückanschlag dient zur besseren Papieranlage.
  • Lasergeschnittenes Universalmesser und Schnittschiene aus hochwertigem Spezialstahl mit Antihaftbeschichtung. Anpressschiene mit Übergriffschutz. Dank integriertem Präzisions-Schnittandeuter wird die Schnittlinie auf der ganzen Schnittlänge präzise angezeigt. Der ergonomische Griff sorgt für sicheres und ermüdungsfreies Arbeiten.
  • Lieferumfang: 1 x 1133 IDEAL Papierschneidemaschine, Maße (H x B x T): 85 x 290 x 570 mm. Gewicht: 2,5 kg.

The lever cutter is ideal for making long straight cuts  . Hardly any force is required for operation. The cuts with the lever cutter are precise and clean. The use of different knives (paper or material knives) allows cutting different materials. The cutting height is typically higher than with comparable slitter rewinders. Lever cutters are used in offices, schools, government agencies, and workshops. Simpler models are also ideal for use at home.

Stack cutting machines / stack cutters

Stack cutting machines are designed for cutting (thick) stacks. That’s why stack cutters can be used to cut several hundred sheets of paper in a single operation. Since stack cutters are less designed for smaller cuts, these cutters are found in print shops and graphic studios.


As said, the purpose, advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of the various forms of paper cutting machine overlap and depend largely on the implementation and quality. In our product comparison , the individual cutting machines are evaluated.
Whether it is a lever cutter or a roller cutter, quality has its price.

Interested in the advantages and disadvantages of each type? In our summary you will find the most important at a glance.

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