Paper cutting machines - What to look for when buying? 1

Paper cutting machines – What to look for when buying?

In this article, you will learn what to look for when buying paper cutters. We present you the most important features of a paper cutting machine and help you make the right choice.  If you have already dealt with paper cutters , you can also jump directly to the articles on lever cut ters or reel slitters or read the various 
Product comparisons

The larger a cutter is, the larger the cut material (paper, photos, cardboard) can be. In addition, larger paper cutting machines are often designed to cut thicker materials usually .

Dahle 561 Papierschneider mit Sicherheitsautomatik (Bis DIN A4, 35 Blatt Schneidleistung), 265 x 440...*
  • Schneidemaschine für Profis. Bringt mühelos und sicher Papier, Fotos, Karton und andere Werkstoffe sauber und rechtwinklig auf das richtige Format
  • Schutz vor Schnittverletzungen durch Sicherheitsautomatik. Die empfohlene zweihändige Bedienung reduziert das Verletzungsrisiko (Hand 1 fixiert den Tisch, Hand 2 bedient das Messer)
  • Hebelschneidemaschine mit stabilem Metalltisch und abgerundeten Kanten. Formatlinien und Lineal auf dem Schneidebrett sorgen für exaktes Schneiden
  • Schneidemaschine mit geschraubtem und geschliffenem Ober- und Untermesser. Hochwertige, scharfe Stahlmesser aus Solingen sorgen für glatte Kanten am Papier, ohne auszufransen
  • Papierschneidemaschine mit automatischer Pressung. Zwei Winkelanlagen mit mm- und Inch-Skala und verstellbarer Rückanschlag

The table size of paper cutting machines

Table width, table length and usable area Paper cutting machine
Table width, table length and usable area Paper cutting machine

When choosing a paper cutter, the size of the table plays an important role. Of course, there are also compact solutions, such as cutting bars without table or rotary cutter with ruler and cutting mat. Good results can also be achieved with these . In terms of handling and precision, however, they are more suitable for occasional cutting work.

Normally, in the product descriptions of paper cutting machines, the Table length and width specified. However, this is not always the actual usable workspace.

The actual area is influenced by various other factors. The actual usable area or rather the maximum paper size does not always match the specification of the Table size matches. Therefore, pay attention to the format specifications of the manufacturer.

Tip: Some manufacturers for paper cutting machines specify the maximum formats (DIN A4, A3, A2…) only for longitudinal cutting. This means that larger formats can still be cut in the cross direction. We have also taken this information into account in our product comparison.

Also, make sure that the usable area is large enough so that there is still enough room to make cuts at different angles.

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The cutting length

Paper cutter - cutting length and fasteners
Paper cutter – cutting length and fasteners

Useful and practical cut is only, if it is performed in one operation. I.e. the cutting length decisively influences the maximum format. This depends on the blade length for lever cutting machines  and on the length of the cutting bar for roller cutting machines.

The maximum possible format is the larger the longer this cutting bar is.

The blade of the lever cutter or the attachment of the rotary cutter require some space at the edge of the table. This will slightly shorten the cutting length of the paper cutter.

The angular plants

Angle units are used on the lower and upper sides of the cutting table to improve handling and precision. In good paper cutters, the angle units are positioned to match the cutting length. In addition, these angle units are a great help when right-angled cuts are necessary.

Angle plant paper cutting machine
Angle plant paper cutting machine

The cutting height

Another important property of
Paper cutters
 is the cutting height. The cutting height is the maximum thickness of the paper or also other materials that can be cut in one operation. The more robust the paper cutter, the greater the cutting height can be.

Within the product information, various information is given which indicates the maximum thickness of the cut paper. One is the maximum cutting height and the other is the maximum number of sheets that can be cut per cutting operation. With this specification, you should pay attention to the paper thickness for which the number of sheets is specified. Within our product comparison we have considered the two thicknesses 70g/sqm and 80g/sqm.

Measurement scale & rulers

In addition to a good sharp blade, cutting must ensure that the cut is made in the right place. For this purpose, paper cutting machines offer various tools.

Paper cutter - measuring scale and auxiliary grid improve handling and precision
Paper cutter – measuring scale and auxiliary grid improve handling and precision

The more professional a paper cutter is, the more extensive the selection of measuring scales and rulers. Of course, this is often also reflected in the price.

Measuring scale or a ruler can be positioned on the different sides of the paper cutter.

An additional practical feature is the auxiliary grid, which is usually drawn at centimeter intervals in the longitudinal and transverse directions. This is particularly helpful, when smaller formats are to be cut.

DIN A formats

Paper cutter - end stop, DIN A formats and transparent pressure rail or ruler improve handling and precision
Paper cutter – end stop, DIN A formats and transparent pressing rail or ruler improve handling and precision

Other extremely useful aids are drawn DIN A – formats, such as DIN A4, DIN A3 or DIN A2. These help to cut these formats with good reproducibility and precision without much re-measuring.

Adjustable backgauge

Identical sizes can be cut very easily with a back gauge. This can be moved along the angular plants. After that, the paper only needs to be positioned at the back gauge and the angle unit and a clean cut can be made with the paper cutter.

Angle specifications

If the paper is to be cut at a certain angle, then angle information is very helpful.

Very convenient is when an angular grid is drawn on which the sheets can be placed and these angles can be cut precisely with the paper cutter. If you want to cut angles more often, then you should make sure that the paper cutter has this grid.

Angular grid or angle over grid improve handling and precision
Angular grid or angle over grid improve handling and precision

Alternatively, it is also possible to determine the angles via the transverse and longitudinal grids. This offers the advantage that the desired angles can be determined individually . The disadvantage is that with a high number of pieces, the sheets have to be repositioned on the paper cutter each time.

Paper cutting machine – weight and material

The last important feature of a paper cutting machine, whether it is a lever cutting machine or a roll cutting machine, should be the weight and material.  Of course, a paper cutting machine should not be too heavy. However, precise and clean cuts are much easier with a stable paper cutter. In addition, the stability and quality of the material increases the durability of the paper cutter. Metal is of course also the guides of the blade should not be plastic, but metal. A reasonable weight ensures that the paper cutter is stable on the table, optimizing handling and precision.

Paper cutting machine conclusion

In summary, paper cutting machines can be evaluated with regard to the following properties:

  • Cutting length
  • precise and clean cutting
  • maximum and minimum format size
  • Paper thickness / cutting height
  • Number of sheets per operation
  • various measuring scales (rulers, grids, angles and DIN A forms)
  • Angular system
  • Safe and stable stand
  • (Adjustable) backgauge
  • Automatic pressing

Within our 
we have compared numerous paper cutting machines with regard to these and other criteria.

In our opinion, these are the most important features of  Paper cutting machines. When you  If you are interested in more information about the different types of paper cutting machines, you can find them in our related articles. In particular, we recommend the reports on Lever slitters, roll slitters and stack slitters.

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